American Execptionlism on Country Music

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American Exceptionlism is basically the idea that we are different then other countries in the world. Which I believe is false because the U.S has these rules but there not really writing down rules there just like norms that American should have. There are certain attributes that a American should have there are things you should know as a American. Now what am I talking about it could be many things such as knowing who the president is in the big chair in D.C or having a huge truck that can drive up heels. Having the U.S flag out on Memorial Day. So many things can be things that make American. What I want to solely focus on is the idea that country music is what it is to be an American and accepted in the U.S.
Now I know for myself I am not a big country music fan. I know the normal country music singers such as Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, Rascal Flats and etc. Country music I believe is what makes an America America. Now back in the 19 century days being an American was being white and having property and being male. (Foner,) Now when you compare country music to that, most country singers are male and white. And to be a country singer it’s only right if you have large sums of land to own with a big house on it. It’s funny how these two ideas relate to each other in two different centuries. Being male and white can really get you ahead in society. Its idea that isn’t right but it’s the reality of our country. Country music sets the standards on what an American should be life. If you ever google country music the definition of it would say something like an American popular music in the south. (Definition) Key word in the definition AMERICAN and also fiddles. Now all they had in the 1700’s was fiddles to play whe...

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...c shouldn’t be seen as what America is like cause it’s not. The U.S is supposed to be the great American melting pot with diverse people and music and jobs and lives and homes and lifestyles. But no one is expressing this cause being different isn’t welcome and that it might be suspicious to other people because you are not doing what they’re doing.

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