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  • American Indian Community Summary

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    What constitutes a community? Is it the size? The idea? Or the traditions upheld by its members? A community is a group that has a common cultural and historical heritage. Junger uses these communities in his novel Tribe to prove that being connected in this world is how communities and societies did it before, and how those same communities and societies will do it long after us. Even if the community, Such as american Indian s, who are not as numerous as they were in the 1700’s; can still serve

  • Diabetes an Epidemic in the African American Community

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    Diabetes an Epidemic in the African American Community "The facts are clear: The diabetes epidemic sweeping the U.S. is hitting the African American community particularly hard, according to doctors." (2) Diabetes is defined as, "A disease that affects the body's ability to produce or respond to insulin, a hormone that allows blood glucose (blood sugar) to enter the cells of the body and be used for energy." (1) There are two types of diabetes: type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes

  • Advancement of Civic Engagement by Community Foundations in Low Income African American Communities

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    The role of civic engagement in neighborhood revitalization, particularly in low income African American communities, has gained increased awareness and in recent years. Community, nonprofit, and government leaders now view civic engagement as a critical component of effective solutions as they seek to address crime, unemployment, low graduation rates and numerous other neighborhood challenges. Several successful initiatives have come to fruition and provide strong evidence of the benefits that

  • The Asian American Community

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    The Asian American community in the contemporary period face a lot of race relation issues which all interconnect within each other. Asian Americans face the basis of “Model Minority” that purportedly whitens Asians leading to the belief that there are no issues such as racism and poverty within the Asian American community. With that, they face the issue that there is no racial discrimination against Asian Americans due to the racial barrier being contextualized within a “black or white” framework

  • Asian American Community And Asian Americans

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    population of the United Sates of America is about 310 million people and Asian Americans make up about 14 million people, or 4.8% of the total population. Like any group of immigrants or minorities they have felt the effects of prejudice and discrimination. Over the years several groups have developed to try and stop the prejudice and injustice displayed towards Asian Americans. Two groups that will be looked at are the Asian American Justice Center (AAJC) and the Committee of 100, from the early 1990’s to

  • African American Community Psychology

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    health and societal issues that encompass the African American community have inspired me to pursue a Master’s degree in community psychology. When I was 11 years old, I became a member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). My encounters with this association opened my eyes to matters with which I am still enthralled by today. These matters include the social, educational, and political events that African-Americans face on a daily basis. During my youth, I would contemplate

  • Essay On Arab American Community

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    The Arab American community The Arab American community has a population of about 1.8 million Arab descendants or immigrants that has been residing in the US since 1980, they are coming from different parts of the Middle east such as Sudan,Syria,Irak, Morroco, Jordania, Palestine, Somalia, Egypt and Lebano. They begin to arrive to Michigan Detroit after 1967, today day is a huge the Arabic American is a huge community in that area of Michigan, They tend to maintain their culture and characterized

  • Incarceration In African American Community

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    Throughout time the influence between incarceration rate in the African American community has been changed through a course, of the words slavery to criminal. The real first step that the word slavery was change was by the 13th Amendment instead of labeling a free man a Slave you label them as a criminal they will work for you for free as long as they were criminals in the eye of the system. The Next Step was for people to believe that criminals Are created Born Into the world by giving these

  • Diabetes, Minority Status, and the African American and Hispanic American Communities

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    Diabetes, Minority Status, and the African American and Hispanic American Communities In March of 2003, a bill known as the "Minority Population Diabetes Prevention and Control Act of 2003" was introduced to Congress, and then referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce. According to this bill's findings, "minority populations, including African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, and Asians, have the highest incidence of diabetes and the highest complications of the disease" (1). The

  • The Impact Of Ebonics On African American Communities

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    John Paolo Palad Scripts and Writing Seminar Professor Haberl Final Paper 5/8/15 The Development of Ebonics and its Impact on African American Communities Literacy, the capacity to read and write written language, stems from traditional orality in which communication of a language is entirely composed and expressed through spoken words and sounds. The technologizing of oral language into one that is written is due to different socio-economic factors of a civilization. (Example of factors). At

  • Asian-American Community Research Paper

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    characterized by various communities from different countries. This is the result of immigration practices. People migrate from their country to other countries for various reasons. These may include war or search for greener pastures, among others. The Asian-American community comprises of people who are of the Asian descent but live in America. Also, it refers to groups of people living in America who have their ancestral roots in Asia. After the year 2000, the Asian community became the most popular

  • Social Stratification in the African American Community

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    African American community has changed over the years. Social stratification is defined as a rigid subdivision of a society into a hierarchy of layers, differentiated on the basis of power, prestige, and wealth according to Webster’s dictionary. David Newman in Sociology Exploring the Architecture of Everyday Life describes stratification as a ranking system for groups of people that perpetuates unequal rewards and life chances in society. From slavery to the present, the African American community

  • Alcoholism in Native American Communities

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    power to be able to fall into a trance where reality and emotions are destroyed seems attractive to minority communities. Substances such as alcohol and drugs are a popular tool abuse by young teens and adults since these materials are easy to possess. However, using a substance to fall into the trance will only be harmful to the individual and their community. Sherman Alexie, a Native American writer, experiences numerous sorrows from alcohol in his life on the reservation and outside of the reservation

  • Mental Health Crisis in the African American Community

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    Currently about 26.2% of Americans suffer from a mental disorder. A mental illness/disorder is a medical condition that disrupts a person’s thinking, feeling, mood, and ability to relate to others and daily functions. Mental illness can affect humans of any age, race, gender and socioeconomic status. However the care that is needed to effectively cure and help the people affected by the illness is not equal for everyone here in American, especially for African Americans. Health care for mental illness

  • American Red Cross Community Study

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    Community Project the American Red Cross The American Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors along with Occupational Therapy’s use of assessment and intervention to develop, recover, or maintain the meaningful activities, or occupations, of individuals, groups, or communities that have been disrupted. The vision, of the American Red Cross is seen through its strong network of volunteers, donors

  • Native American Youths: A Community Analysis

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    This dark period in American history had serious impact on communities, but the current state of Amerindian culture is still encouraging. From the 1970s, there was what it is called a little awkwardly "indigenous awakening". Several leaders then took over the rebuilding of their community to come out of colonialism. They argued for a return to traditional culture, a lifestyle inspired by that of their ancestors. It was so busy rebuild communities from traditional cultural and spiritual values. It

  • The Continued Oppression of Native American Communities

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    States Government was founded on the basis that it would protect the rights and liberties of every American citizen. The Equal Protection Clause, a part of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, provides that “no state shall deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws”. Yet for hundreds of years, the US government and society have distressed the Native American people through broken treaties, removal policies, and attempts of assimilation. From the Trail of

  • Historical Trauma On The Native American Community

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    Historical trauma has brought psychological effects on the Native American community. Many suffer from alcohol and drug abuse, depression, and poverty. I wondered why they do not get help from the government and after watching the documentary California’s “Lost” Tribes I began to understand that in any reservation the tribe is the government, so they do not have the same rights as a city outside the reservation. Many of the the reservations were placed in areas where they could not do any form of

  • The Lives of African American People and Their Attributions to the Black Community

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    Many African American men and women have been characterized as a group of significant individuals who help to exemplify the importance of the black community. They have illustrated their optimistic views and aspects in a various amount of ways contributing to the reconstruction of African Americans with desire and integrity. Though many allegations may have derived against a large amount of these individuals, Crystal Bird Fauset, Jacob Lawrence, and Mary Lucinda Dawson opportunistic actions conveys

  • The Fight for Reparations in the Japanese and African American Communities

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    allowed reparations for Japanese Americans illegally detained by the United States Government during World War II. Many assumed that the Civil Liberties Act of 1988 would help African American attain reparations for slavery. Legislation introduced in Congress each year since 1989 to create a commission to study the effects of slavery and segregation, has never been addressed as a serious issue. The fight for reparations in both the Japanese and African American communities have followed the same path