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    returned from North America with two Native Americans and many astonishing stories, Sir Walter Raleigh tried to establish a colony called Roanoke in the land which the British named "Virginia", in honor of Elizabeth, the Virgin Queen. The site was actually an island on North America's eastern seaboard protected by the outer banks of what is now North Carolina's coast. Sir Richard Grenville led the fleet that brought them to the New World, the Governor of the colony was Master Ralph Lane and among the colonists

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    American Colonies When settlers from England came to America, they envisioned a Utopia, where they would have a say in what the government can and cannot do. Before they could live in such a society they would have to take many small steps to break the hold England had on them. The settlers of America had to end a monarchy and start their own, unique, form of government. They also had to find a way that they would have some kind of decision making power. The most important change that the colonies

  • Early American Colonies

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    various reasons why the American Colonies were established. The three most important themes of English colonization of America were religion, economics, and government. The most important reasons for colonization were to seek refuge, religious freedom, and economic opportunity. To a lesser degree, the colonists sought to establish a stable and progressive government. Many colonies were founded for religious purposes. While religion was involved with all of the colonies, Massachusetts, New Haven

  • Early American Colonies

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    The Massachusetts colony, otherwise known as the ‘Massachusetts Bay colony’ was originally settled by Puritans in 1630. They were plagued by the religious persecutions of King Charles I and the Church of England. Weary from this dogged torment, they left England under the leadership of John Winthrop. These original colonists quickly established many small towns in the name of high religious ideals and strict societal rules. They also planted churches, spread Puritanism and religiously educated

  • The Transformation of the American Colonies

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    From 1763 to 1789 the American Colonies underwent a radical transformation becoming an independent self-governing nation. The British debt accumulated from the French and Indian War brought colonists into conflict with the mother country over a variety of social, political and economic issues. This turmoil pushed the colonials to fight for their independence and develop a government that would counter these problems. With the introduction of the constitution, the American Revolution initiated a radical

  • Slavery in the American Colonies

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    1. In the American colonies, Virginians switched from indentured servants to slaves for their labor needs for many reasons. A major reason was the shift in the relative supply of indentured servants and slaves. While the colonial demand for labor was increasing, a sharp decrease occurred in the number of English migrants arriving in America under indenture. Slaves were permanent property and female slaves passed their status on to their children. Slaves also seemed to be a better investment than

  • Comparing The American Colonies And The New Zealand Colonies

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    When comparing the American colonies to the New Zealand colony, at first sight there are many similarities. Both countries began as colonies under English rule. Settlers to both colonies had to solve conflicts with a native people, and both colonies had to deal with continued migration to their colonies of immigrants from England to populate the new lands. However, due to the different time periods during which the migrations took place, there are many more significant differences than similarities

  • American Colony Lifestyles

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    lifestyle in the three American colonies sections, varied dramatically, the most obvious was the difference between the New England and the Southern colonies. The New England colonies varied in many ways from the southern colonies, the most obvious were the motives for the founders, the political and social beliefs, and economic differences. The New England colonies were much more interested in starting a new way of life for the generations to come, the Southern colonies based lived for the day

  • The Need For Slavery In The American Colonies

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    The Need for Slavery in the Colonies Farming, sewing, and taking care of livestock were just a few responsibilities that were left to slaves during the 1600's. White families received all of the benefits from the work done, yet they rarely had to lift a finger, unless it was to correct a slave. Today's generation reads about slavery and regards it as morally wrong. While I agree that slavery was one of America's greatest wrongdoings, it paved the way for America as we know it today. One of the

  • Opposition to the Establishment of the American Colonies

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    about how the American Revolution was faced with opposition and conflict while trying to establish the Colonies. In spite of the oppositions there was still considerable growth and expansion by the Colonies. Although expansion had taken place, there were some differences between the elites and the poor whites among the Colonies which resulted in them wanting political freedom from Britain. The constant unjust treatment against the poor whites was causing major problems in the colonies. After the French