Ambient Music Essays

  • An Approach to Introducing Ambient Music

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    An Approach to Introducing Ambient Music John Cage (1912-1992) presents an attractive challenge to a music GSI teaching a class of non-majors. As much an idea man as a pen-on-paper composer, Cage proposed through his writings and artistic approach that all sound, whether deliberate or accidental, whether inside or outside of the concert hall, is in fact a macro-series of musical events. In effect, according to this way of thinking, all ambient sound is music. Considering the way most of us have

  • Absinthe: The Price of Creativity

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    Absinthe: The Price of Creativity The practice of serious art, whether it be painting, music or literature, requires originalities of perception. At a level of neurobiology what this usually means is that the nervous system must respond in new ways to old inputs. How can in individual induce these responses that are needed for creativity? If creativity is a behavior, can it be influenced by things that occur in the brain? Some artists seem to be naturally endowed with the gift of creativity

  • We Must Teach the Homosexual About Christ

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    homosexual in his plight is the subject of this paper. No doubt deviant sex is almost as old as the race. There are few innovations in moral weakness. What is new is the homosexual ideology which has made devastating inroads into the Church from the ambient culture. One is made to believe that recalling the Church's teaching is an uncharitable act and that the Christian thing to do is to act as if sodomy were as normal as marital sex. Of course it is scarcely a defense of homosexuality to point out that

  • Generation and Culture in Doce cuentos peregrinos

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    mind of dominance in which the result of previous concepts of life and costumes achieved are just vague figures trying to make up a non-abstract drawing that represent power. Generations and cultures are being confronted, characteristic of a dense ambient in which two different manners of applying the rules of society provoke an ironic reaction of rebellion that apply to a macrocosm. The title means "Miss Forbes's summer of happiness." The time of the year, the island surrounded by the dark blue sea

  • Skin Cancer in Australia

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    sun exposure, though each form is associated with a different pattern of exposure. Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world, due to a combination of tropical latitude, fair-skinned population, outdoor lifestyle, and high amount of ambient ultraviolet radiation. Widespread opinions about tanning and health benefits of sunlight lead many Australians to intentionally overexpose themselves to the sun. State cancer councils have developed sun safety and awareness campaigns, such as “Slip

  • Considerations in Casino Design

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    designed to make people feel submissive and to enhance emotional arousal” ( Guelph News Release). Casinos implement certain elements to induce these feelings such as identification checks and security officers, asymmetrical colors and designs and ambient noise levels. These perceptual influences evoke a social status in the patrons of the casino, either making them feel as if they are out of place or these subliminal tactics may not affect them at all. Casinos also use strategic placement of gaming

  • Sound Technique in a Sequence from Godard's Alphaville

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    film in which the filmmaker attempts to explore and express a universal truth. The interlude begins with silence. This is the major feature that distinguishes the sequence from the rest of the film: as Natasha turns her gaze to the window all ambient sound dies down, and as it diminishes, so too does the sense of narrative space that has been maintained up until this moment. At this point we experience a suspension of our presence within the narrative space, and we are relocated to a position

  • genre

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    group slowly trend through the cafeteria of B-wing, the music is ominous and unsettling. Gerry accidently knocks Mountain Jew rolling down, it rolls down producing a loud echo that could have got them killed. The group stands dead still, slowly trending once again after that mistake. They come across dark hallway in research facility, all of sudden the lights; the sound is stricken with bass and tremble sparking out my 5.1 speakers. The music is still ominous and unsettling as they continue to navigate

  • Ambient Intelligence Methodologies

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    consider relevant to the information security in ambient intelligence and the proposed solution that I have formulated, noting the general limitations of your research study. After I have analyzed the three methodologies, I will choose one of the methodologies to use in the study, and state the reasons that I made the choice, citing research for support in your decision. Ambient intelligence The emerging ubiquitous information society also known as ambient intelligence, ubiquitous networking, or pervasive

  • Musical Autobiography

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    The stereotypical “music lover” in high school is usually one of a few types of people: The person who desires to perform on their specific instrument (typically in a traditional orchestra), the person who wants to teach music in an institution, or the person who excels at marching band and wishes to follow more similar activities in college. I am none of these persons. For the entire span of my life, music has been my favorite escape from the habitual elements of life. I can vividly remember

  • Who Is Satie's 'Gymnopedie No. 1'?

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    Erik Satie’s “Gymnopedie No. 1” has an overarching influence in the world of classical piano and modern music because of the ambiance, rebellion, and the structure of the piece. Satie is able to use dissonance and a simple melodic line to defy the compositional standards in the late-romantic era. Satie’s “Gymnopedie No. 1” was an example of rebellion to the compositional thought, just as Satie was a rebel in the eyes of the established musicians. Erik Satie was an eccentric French composer

  • Creativity And Creativity

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    However, creativity can often be altered - past research showed that moderate levels of noise improve creativity; thus, suggesting that the environment can influence creativity (Mehta, Zhu, Cheema, 2013). Additional research suggests that “happy music” is related to divergent thinking – being able to create new perspectives and ideas (Ritter & Ferguson, 2017). Our study aims to study the effect between the environment, noise, and creative thinking. Creativity is defined as the generation of ideas

  • <h1> How Music Affects You </h1>

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    tend to listen to music that is similar to our feelings. When we’re sad, we listen to slower, moving songs; when we’re happy, we choose upbeat music; when we’re angry, we may listen to darker music that reflect our level of anger. The funny thing about it is that when you’re asked to name your favorite band or performer it might be difficult to even give your top five. You may not realize it, but you prefer to listen to music that resonates how we feel at one point. Creative Music You might think that

  • Instrumental Music in The Hunger Games 2012

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    The Hunger Games 2012 There are many pieces of instrumental music were used in the movie “The Hunger Games”, an American science fiction adventure film that was released in 2012. The movie was directed by Gary Ross and based on the novel of the same name by Suzanne Collins. All the soundtracks in the movie were scored by James Newton Howard. He is an American composer best known for his scores to motion pictures. He is one of the most popular and respected composers for cinema, and has scored over

  • What Are The Four Basic Properties Of Music

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    Music is a very unique phenomenon embedded in human and animal value system. It is used by various sections of the society to express their thoughts, to appreciate, to communicate and to entertain. Animals and birds are also believed to use music in their daily activities for purposes of entertainment and search for food and prey. Some of the famous musical tones include John Cage’s 4’33, Schoenberg’s parrot Lunaire and Os Mustantes musical rock band. John Cage’s 4’33 is a musical composition comprising

  • The Effect Of Music On The Performance Of Music

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    psychology based on the historical presence of music as a facilitator for community and relationship building in small scale societies. Based on past research, the researchers knew that music creates a release of endorphins upon listening, playing, or singing. They aimed to isolate the most effective causal activity for this release of endorphins, listening to music or actively performing music. The researchers hypothesized that the active performance of music more effectively contributes to endorphin

  • Electronic Music: The History And History Of Electronic Music

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    exactly is electronic music?” we can answer that question for you here, and give you examples, too. Electronic music has a general meaning that covers sounds and tones used by the instrument itself like the electric guitar, but there are specific genres that manipulate music with electronic devices. That's quite different than using electricity or electronics in an instrument to produce tones. One is used for creating while another is used for manipulation. History of Electronic Music Electronic devices

  • Miles Davis: Modern Improvisational Music

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    musicians, shaped the course of modern improvisational music more than a half-dozen times. This biography attempts to explain those paradigm-shifts one after another, through his recordings and major life changes. The factors leading to that process are now the foundation of the Miles Davis legend: the dentist’s son born in 1926 to middle-class comfort in East St Louis. The fresh acolyte learning trumpet in the fertile, blues-drenched music scene of his hometown. The sensitive soul forging a seething

  • The Impact of Noise on Patients in the ICU

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    Noise is unwanted sound. Over the past 50 years, sound levels in hospitals have increased,1-3 with all studies exceeding the recommendations from World Health Organization (WHO) Guidelines for Community Noise.4 In 2006 the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems began surveying patients regarding their perspectives on hospital care. This survey specifically asks about noise: “During this hospital stay, how often was the area around your room quiet at night?” In 2013, the

  • Mick Synthesis Essay

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    Music is a way for a person to get lost into sounds and harmony, weather its through ambient sounds or a vocalist telling a story. This allows music to have a power over us it allows us to go off to another place, a place where we can get lost into ones thoughts or express ourselves though dance. I believe music can be used to bring positive change throughout society by bringing groups of people together through mutual joy for a song or artist. There are numerous genres of music out there but one