Alternative Energy Essays

  • Hydropower as an Alternative Energy Source

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    Hydropower as an Alternative Energy Source Water provides a very valuable resource. We use dams built to run water through turbines and produce electricity. There are many advantages and disadvantages to hydropower, though there are more advantages. It is reasonable inexpensive to maintain, and is a clean source. There are issues with dams blocking fish swimming in the river, but there are ways to help them. Hydropower is well balanced between the electricity needs and the needs of the environment

  • Alternative Energy Vehicles

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    Alternative Energy Vehicles Interested in alternative-energy driven cars? Here is a brief synopsis of the existing technologies, some of the problems surrounding each of them, and suggestions for further reading. There is no question that pollution from automobiles is a major problem in industrialized countries and is increasing in developing nations. And the number of cars is increasingly rapidly: in the United States, the automobile population has increased 6X faster than the human population

  • Biomass as an Alternative Energy

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    use of energy in the United States, especially California, is foreshadowing catastrophe in our environment. Due to high demand of fossil fuels, the air is filled with more pollution every day. In addition to, it can increase the chances of having global warming. Since fossil fuels are generated from raw materials which are easy and cheap users are becoming extremely dependent on them. The main problem with fossil energy is that the supply of fossil fuels is not continuous. However, alternative energy

  • Persuasive Essay On Alternative Energy

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    but the world could eliminate these complications by putting time and money into alternative energy. Alternative energy can effectively reduce the amount of fossil fuels used. “Around 90% of energy used in the world today is made by fossil fuels” (Tjblackwell 1). Alternative energy cannot replace the use of all fossil fuel, but any amount of alternative energy use can be effective. Methods of these energy alternatives can save the earth from running out of fossil fuels. Also, they can decrease the

  • Alternative Energy Essay

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    Alternative energy technologies and possible problems (to include new Developments and possible unintended consequences) In everyday life, the world produces carbon dioxide which is let out to the Earth’s atmosphere and will still be in the atmosphere in a centuries time. It is this carbon dioxide that causes the “Global warming effect” due to it increasing the heat of the Earth. One way to cut out global warming is to substitute current energy technologies with alternative ones that have better

  • Alternative Energy Sources Essay

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    Traditional and alternative energy source development should, essentially, be government supported and policy governed. Actions prove to us that government aid in the development of alternative energy sources greatly benefits the economy, providing more job opportunities to citizens; as a result, this leads to a sustainable environment, improves standard of living, and provides education to citizens on human impact on the environment. These changes provide countries with the foundation towards sustainability

  • Interest in Algae as an Alternative Energy Source

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    change, researchers are looking into alternate energy sources that are renewable, globally available, and environmentally friendly. It is predicted that by 2035, the worldwide demand for energy will increase by 36% ("Discovering Global Energy Solutions"). Algae, a photosynthetic microorganism, have captured the attention of many due to its ubiquity and versatility. Initial interest in algae was piqued during the 1970s when the United States suffered an energy crisis. The Aquatic Species Program was established

  • Advantages And Alternatives: Pros And Cons Of Alternative Energy

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    Alternative energy sources are renewable, and is most commonly referred to as free energy sources. There are many alternative energy sources such as hydro power, solar power, wind, biomass, and geothermal. Using alternative sources is more expensive in the long run, but it is the much safer option for our environment compared to fossil fuels. Although everything used is completely free, such as water and wind, the equipment used to generate these things are expensive. There are several pros and cons

  • Ocean Wave Energy as an Alternative

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    With the energy costs increasing and the available resources depleting many people are looking towards other renewable, easily derived energy resources. With this searching many people have looked toward ocean energy. Ocean energy is an ideal resource meeting the requirements people set when looking for new sources. Although the technology is still being developed and evolved, with the technology known ocean energy has already shown to be more prospective than other energy sources already in use

  • Alternative Energy Advantages And Disadvantages

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    Alternative energy is energy that is generated in ways that do not harm the environment or deplete natural resources, often by avoiding using fossil fuels or nuclear energy. There are many benefits to using alternative energy other than just being better for the environment. It is renewable, which means that the Earth can naturally replenish it and it can be used again, as long as it does not get used faster than it can be replenished. It is also sustainable, which means it can be used without risking

  • The Pros And Cons Of Alternative Energy

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    The energy industry provides many different resource options for consumers to choose. Two main markets within this industry exist: conventional energy and alternative energy. Conventional forms of energy never suffer from low demand because of consumer’s familiarity with these resources. Alternative energy, on the other hand, is still a growing market. The United States government shows great interest in adapting to a lifestyle that uses these forms of energies by passing acts, creating energy policies

  • Alternative Energy Sources Essay

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    There are many types of Alternative Energy Sources. The different energy sources are hydro and solar power, wind, biomass and geothermal energy. Throughout the world people don’t recognize that we use every these energy sources day for our own personal use. The energy sources are not only free but they are also renewable. It is a little more costly to use these energy sources, but going green is what’s best for our environment. Using these alternative sources will create fresher air, eliminate over

  • Persuasive Essay On Alternative Energy

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    According to EIA, “Renewable energy accounted for approximately ten percent of total U.S. consumption and thirteen percent of electricity generation in the year 2014.” These alternative energy sources include factors such as wind power, solar power, hydro power, geothermal power, and biomass. These alternative resources provide the Earth with power that is unlimited to the people, and after maintenance as well as building, is basically free. These alternative sources are cleaner for the earth, more

  • Alternative Energy Over Fossil Fuels

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    Did you know that more than 2.5 million metric tons of carbon is produced by power plants annually? (Green Energy Choice). These plants are contaminating the air and making the oxygen one breaths in worse and worse. If one converted to alternative energy, they are cutting out the need to make more energy the old way and keeps less contaminates in the air. Alternative energy can be used by an electric car instead of a standard car today. By using the electric car, there would be zero emissions

  • The Government and Alternative Energy

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    can never be reversed and will continue to harm our planet; however there are many systems of alternative energy that could be implemented in order to reduce this damage. This is why I believe that our government should endorse alternative energy and set regulations in order to promote the use of alternative energy. Wind energy is a current source for alternative energy. Current applications of wind energy are giant wind turbines that are placed in the country on wide open farm lands. Also Great Britain

  • Alternative Renewable Energy

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    With the depletion of fossil fuel resources comes speculations and debates about alternative energy sources. The world, including the Philippines, is practically dependent on a dwindling non-renewable source of energy. Today, experts are debating about and considering three options: Nuclear, Solar, or Wind Energy. Everyone has been accustomed to the bad image of nuclear energy as a result of the Chernobyl and Fukushima incidents above all others. The popular belief is that radiation from a nuclear

  • The Importance of Utilizing Alternative Energy Sources

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    Energy is what makes the world go around. Without the continuous supply of energy that most of us take for granted, things would quickly come to a stop. We are dependent on energy for our very survival. Heating our homes, transportation, communication, health, even our daily food supply, which all depends on energy. But while energy delivers much that is good, it is also a primary factor, the primary factor. Which destroy our life systems. From smog, to acid rain, to climate change, to nuclear radiation

  • Biofuel is An Alternative Energy Source

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    Biofuel: An Alternative Energy Source Abstract As the world’s source of fossil fuels diminishes, another source of energy must replace fossil fuels. This paper evaluates biofuel, one alternative form of energy by showing what biofuel is, how it works, its historical use, and benefits and drawbacks it pertains. I hypothesized that biofuel would be an effective alternative energy. My conclusion does not support my claim, but in terms of worldwide usage. Introduction: With the world’s source

  • Alternative Energy Sources In Aboriginal Communities

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    have relied on natural gas and fossil fuels. These fuels, while effective for producing energy, are detrimental for the environment and are limited in amount. People, including some aboriginal communities, have been turning to alternative energy sources to generate electricity. The use of these alternative energy sources has some potential issues. One of the biggest issues with the use of alternative energy sources within aboriginal communities is the negative effects it may have on their culture

  • Alternative Energy Resources and Human Dependence on Oil

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    Alternative Energy Resources and Human Dependence on Oil Introduction The modern world is fuelled by oil (Youngquest, 1998). This reality has brought tremendous changes and developments that is continuously transforming the modern period, changing its lifestyles and economies in the last 200 years. However, these changes do not only paved for modernization and development, but it has also paved for the environmental crisis that the world is now facing (Bodley, 2008). Environmental crisis refers