The Pros And Cons Of Alternative Energy

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The energy industry provides many different resource options for consumers to choose. Two main markets within this industry exist: conventional energy and alternative energy. Conventional forms of energy never suffer from low demand because of consumer’s familiarity with these resources. Alternative energy, on the other hand, is still a growing market. The United States government shows great interest in adapting to a lifestyle that uses these forms of energies by passing acts, creating energy policies, and subsidization to support the alternative energy market. But the conventional energy market still remains prevalent in the country. A government model of utilizing alternative resources needs to occur for the energy market to thrive amongst…show more content…
government should use solar energy not only because it decreases using fossil fuels, but also because solar energy promotes a healthy economy. Solar power proves to be economically efficient through a process called net metering. Net metering allows non-utility solar energy customers to produce and sell extra energy to local energy facilitators. One researcher explains that when consumers need to pay their next energy bill, they only pay the difference of energy they produce from the energy they use; therefore, net metering lowers overall costs of energy bills (“Microgeneration”). Chemical engineer Goswami notes that “solar collectors have high concentrated storage” (11). Since great amounts of solar energy can be stored, the process of net metering allows utilizing solar energy to be a very efficient way for consumers to save money. Solar power also allows for local companies to develop and participate in the energy market. The local levels of America play important roles to keep the nation’s capital economy healthy. Taking initiative to start a market and create competition against other local companies allows the market to develop. David Biello comments that the solar industry “[increases] competition for mini monopolies” in places like Arizona (“Solar Wars”). Another local solar company owner, Morgan Walton, describes the ups and downs his company faces in the energy industry (169-170). Although not all local companies have the guarantee to thrive in the energy market, the nature of competition promotes a healthy atmosphere in the nation 's capitalistic
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