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  • Advanced Technology of the Treatment of Breast Cancer

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    Advanced Technology of the Treatment of Breast Cancer This year 203,000 women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and 40,000 of them are expected to die. Breast Cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related death among women the ages of 35-54. There are numerous ways breast cancer can be treated if found early. The key to treating breast cancer is early detection, beast self-exams, and early mammograms. One out of every eight women will get diagnosed with Breast Cancer this year; therefore

  • Advanced Manufacturing Technology Adoption in India

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    spurred rapid implementation of leading technologies in India, one of the fastest emerging economies in the world. The study of advanced manufacturing technology (AMT) adoption in India is, therefore, is a relevant and important topic today. The main focus of this study is to estimate the future status of AMT adoption levels and investment in AMT in the short-run perspective after briefly presenting current AMT implementation levels for all 25 technologies. By analyzing future plans of AMT adoption

  • Microhips Everywhere: The Future Of Advanced Technology

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    the right technology for all the wrong reasons.” Over the last decade, improvements of technologies has tremendously increased. The advancements of technology has provided safety for people, communication became easier and faster, and education has been greatly advanced by the technology. These technological services help us to make our lives a little more pleasant and easier. However, same as their advantages, these technologies possess a great number of disadvantages. The more advanced society becomes

  • The Computer Geek

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    there was some kind of influence that shaped it. When I think computer geek, I see a tall, lanky, eyeglass wearing guy. Not to be sexist, but I do not really think of a computer geek as a girl. Considering the fact that computers are advanced technology, it is only natural for computer geeks to be smart. They know all there is to know about computers, along with all the equipment that comes with it. For example, a broken printer or web camera would not threaten a computer geek. Also, not

  • Quit Watching Me!

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    “Quit Watching Me!'; Attempts to monitor employees have always existed in one form or another, from mechanical keystroke counters in the early part of the century, to the latest innovations in electronic monitoring. As technology advances, so do the monitoring possibilities in the workplace. As result of the endless possibilities in surveillance, anxiety in employee’s increase, which in most cases leads to illnesses. Studies have shown that individuals who are constantly being monitored

  • Animals and Humans Are Not Equal

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    have the ability to reason as humans do. The human race has such a vast understanding of the necessities for all of the different species of animals to exist. Humans are far superior to any other animal because they are so advanced in technology. One advantage of advanced technology is, humans can store information as reference material. With all of this reference material humans can look back at previous mistakes so they don't do the same thing again. With this knowledge, humans can see and predict

  • Eye Strain as a Result of Computer Use

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    Eye Strain as a Result of Computer Use In the twentieth century, technology is at an all time high in the world. This technology includes research, stock market shares, computers, medical advances, and a vast variety of other things. Among the advanced technology is a break through of computer use. Almost everyone at sometime in their day is using a computer for one task or another. Computers have taken the world and reshaped the possibilities of ideas and dreams in the past decade. Millions

  • The Ethical Dilemma of Euthanasia

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    them. The problem revolves around the ethics of euthanasia. Should medical assisted suicide be outlawed in all situations or under certain circumstances, could it be considered ethical? Do humans violate nature’s course with science and advanced technology by playing God? Why should doctors and families witness their loved ones suffer when the solution of euthanasia promises a painless death? Authors Andrea E. Richardson and David Miller of the articles “Death with Dignity: The Ultimate Human

  • The Internet In Classrooms

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    The Internet In Classrooms How Advanced Technology Is Changing the Face of Education for Students and Teachers The first thing a college student typically does when he or she goes back to their dorm room or apartment is sit down at their computer and go online. They proceed to either, read their e-mail, check their online courses for new assignments, or go on one of the many communication websites or programs that are available currently to this generation. None of this would be possible

  • Investigating Why the Police Were Unable to Catch Jack the Ripper

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    Investigating Why the Police Were Unable to Catch Jack the Ripper I believe the most important reason why Jack the Ripper was so hard to catch was because of the lack of evidence. In those days they did not have as advanced technology as we have today for instance, we have forensics where we can tell from a strand of hair who that hair belongs to. In those days they were only just learning the significance of footprints to catching a villain. Another part to this is that Jack the Ripper

  • should cookies be banned

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    Over the years internet privacy has been major concern worldwide. Even with such advanced technology we still can’t perfect the intrusion technology. But first before we try to ban cookies we should realize what we tend to loose. All cookies are not intrusive but a navigation tool as well. Internet cookies are extremely valuable to consumers and website operators alike, despite concerns that they threaten web users’ personal privacy. Without cookies, the Internet would be slower, the electronic marketplace

  • Five Biological Killers that May be Used for Terrorism

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    Advanced technology affords many benefits to human beings, but it also provides instruments of mass destruction. For example, advanced biological technology may provide cures for illnesses but it also provides instruments of biological terrorism. When war involves these microscopic, deadly, biological agents, it takes on a new and frightening dimension. Human beings harnessing the power of bacteria to kill large quantities of people sounds like science fiction. Unfortunately, we now hear about use

  • The Church of Scientology: Copyright vs. Free Speech

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    to various legal actions to maintain the secrecy of their “scriptures.” On August 4, 1995, Arnaldo Lerma received a fax from a lawyer representing the Church of Scientology. This letter demanded that he remove from his webpage certain “Advanced Technology materials” from the Church. In the letter, the Church claimed both copyright and trade secret protection for the materials [1]. The next day, Lerma received an unannounced visit from two members of the Church who wanted to express their “concern”

  • The Addictive Nature of the Internet

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    Nature of the Internet The purpose of this paper is to show the many different ways that people can become addicted to the web (Internet) and to try to explain why. The various aspects of the web, such as the wide range of information, the advanced technology, and alternate ways of communication have contributed to its addictive nature. People of all ages and backgrounds have become so absorbed in using the web, either through work or play, that they have, in effect, become addicted to using it

  • America Needs Environmental Equity

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    environment. Our capacity for changing the environment is kept in check by the destructible aspect of nature. The changes we make, those advancements in technology, are limited. While the industrial revolution, per say, is over, industry is ever expanding, moving us into a faster, more efficient lifestyle. However, efficiency and advanced technology are not without their price, and that fee, even more so than monetary in nature, is more accurately quantified by an increased duress on the environment

  • The Myth of Prometheus in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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    beasts? For all of the good that knowledge brings to us, however, knowledge can just as easily bring pain. We discover new types of medicine to extend our lives, but that is balanced by our awareness of our mortality. We find new advances in technology with which to bring convenience into our lives, but those advances are countered by the resulting pollutions that are poisoning our world. These conflicting aspects of knowledge and its consequences were first discussed thousands of years ago

  • The Quintessential Negative Utopia in George Orwell's 1984

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    against the dangers of a totalitarian society. George Orwell was primarily a political novelist as a result of his life experiences. In Spain, Germany, and Russia, Orwell had seen for himself the peril of absolute political authority in an age of advanced technology; he illustrated that peril harshly in 1984. Orwell's book could be considered the most acknowledged in the genre of the negative utopian novel. The mood of the novel aims to portray a pessimistic future. This prospect is to show the worst human

  • Cars and Advanced Technology

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    Our society today has a dependency on advancing technology to improve our way of life as well as the lives of other individuals. Some of us are enamored with the advancement of vehicular technology as well as the way automobiles are used in order to impact our way to get to work, school or to vacate. As the advancement of vehicular technology improves, so does the need of providing safer and more efficient vehicles for transportation. The purpose of automobiles today is to do such things as transport

  • Argumentative Essay On Advanced Technology

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    was a reality back than. Now a days we have all sorts of technologies that help us examine and explore everything around us. The thing is, which one would be the most advanced for researchers and explorers to use today? After reading Florida Waters Treasure Hunters, Weather Reconnaissance, and Search for Ancient Civilizations, the sattelite would be the most advanced technology researchers and explorers would use today. The first technology was known as the Mailbox . It may seem like a unrealistic

  • Advanced Technology In Nursing Essay

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    applications of technology have increased significantly. The healthcare professionals are now facing vast challenges of learning and working in this technological era. The advance technologies have influenced the manners, in which nurses do practice, gets education and provides care. Moreover these advanced technologies have become an integral link to development of staff. The nursing profession like many other professions is continuously growing with in the monarchy of technology. Advanced technology should