Advanced Technology In Nursing Essay

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Over the past few years the applications of technology have increased significantly. The healthcare professionals are now facing vast challenges of learning and working in this technological era. The advance technologies have influenced the manners, in which nurses do practice, gets education and provides care. Moreover these advanced technologies have become an integral link to development of staff. The nursing profession like many other professions is continuously growing with in the monarchy of technology. Advanced technology should be introduced in health care setting because it allows easier access to patient medical records, it maximize the time nurses spends on patient care and it improves works efficiency of an organization.
Firstly using advanced technology allows easier access to patient records like electronic medical records which continue to evolve as a result of advanced technology. It implementation allowed accurate and complete health records of patient including all diagnostic test and treatment history for instance blood tests, drug dosage history and radiological test which stored electronically in an accessible database. It improves several aspects of current health care systems which increase the ability to better co-ordinate the care given. Moreover it access helped to diagnose patient’s health problem more readily, lessens medical errors and provides safer care. According to Menachemi and Collum (2011) computerization helps to reduces errors and staff do not need to get clarification from the illegible written orders which can ultimately results in effectiveness of care. However this is an open database which can potentially allow health care professionals to get access to patient’s information. The ethical...

... middle of paper ... could be more than $77 billion annually. Moreover the largest saving can be generated from shorter hospital stay and spending less time on paper works.
In a nut shell technology has had a great revolutionary impact on healthcare settings. Healthcare is significantly affected by the technological advancement hence this advancement in healthcare improves efficiency of work, saves time, reduces man made errors and information is easily accessible within seconds so advanced technology must be adapted by healthcare institution as to provide quality care. Moreover through this technological enhancement; the way the care was delivered in previous eras has now changed and nursing leaders should now think about that how these evolving technologies has change the nursing practice. Nursing leadership development programs are necessary as to assure nurses competencies.

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