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  • Active Learning

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    Active Learning “Hear and Forget, See and Remember, Do and Understand.” ~ Chinese Proverb Simply stated by Dr. D. Robinson, “ Active learning is ‘doing’ and this leads to understanding.” Learning by doing is a theme that many educators have stressed since John Dewey’s convincing argument that “children must be engaged in an active quest for learning and new ideas”. (Hendrikson, 1984) Jean Piaget also stressed the need for concrete operations in early childhood. Some educators incorrectly

  • Active Learning

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    Active Learning Active Learning refers to the deep learning on the part of the students as they construct knowledge and create meaning from their surroundings. It is also known an umbrella term that implies to several models of instruction that focus the responsibility of learning on learners. Bonwell and Eison (1991) popularized this approach to instruction. In educational context applications of active learning range from focusing activities to cooperative structure to the active engagement thinking

  • Essay On Active Learning

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    Bolliger and Armier (2013) suggested that using active learning approaches in online courses leads to increased levels of student satisfaction, engagement, connectedness, and learning. Furthermore, Covill (2011) added that using active learning strategies provides opportunities for students to process course content and communicate new knowledge connections with classmates in meaningful ways. Chickering and Gamson (1987) defined active learning as the actions associated with learners engaging in

  • Lectures and Active Learning

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    Lecturing vs. Active Learning Lecturing can be defined as “a speech read or delivered before an audience or class.” ( On the other hand, active learning is defined by “a learning environment that allows students to talk and listen, read, write and reflect as they apply what they are learning.” (Meyers and Jones). There are many distinguishable differences between these two types of teaching/learning styles. Lecturing may be seen as simply reading as it is derived from the Latin word

  • The Importance Of Active Learning

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    is time that society pushes lectures aside for a more effective teaching style; this style is active learning. Lectures need to be pushed aside due to the lack of participation that they promote in the classroom. Active learning opens the classroom up to more participation from the students rather than the teacher dictating the classroom. There are several techniques that can be used within Active learning, role-playing is one of these techniques. Role-playing allows the students to experience the

  • Importance Of Active Learning

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    motivated learners learn for enjoyment or because the topic interests them. According to Everett Community College, “active learning requires students to do meaningful learning activities and think about what they are doing” (Active Learning, n.d. Active learners use activities such as mapping or graphing, really listening to what is said, and writing to effectively communicate

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    An intrinsically motivated, self-directed, active learner takes initiative, is self-motivated, is comfortable with independence, has a high degree of curiosity, has a strong desire to learn or change, is self-confident, is able to use basic study skills, is able to organize their time wisely, sets an appropriate pace for learning, develops a plan for completing work, has a tendency to be goal-oriented, is capable of self-discipline, is persistent, accepts responsibility, views problems as challenges

  • An Active Learning Approach in the Classroom

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    teachers, an active learning approach to teaching is essential for students’ success in the classroom. Learning that contains student-based inquiry versus teacher-based inquiry allows the students to develop their own understanding of the content with little facilitation from the teacher. Unfortunately, active learning in many classrooms has always consisted of the teacher directing the learning, which inhibits each student’s growth and potential. Active learning refers to a method of learning where active

  • Active Learning Technique Analysis

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    accomplishment of the learning objectives. This plan includes the structure, the desired learning behaviour of the students, the ways to implement the strategy in the classroom which is crucial for teaching and learning to take place. Teaching strategies encourages our learners to take more responsibility for their own learning thereby improves the teaching and learning process in our classrooms. There are various teaching strategies which can be of great use

  • Importance Of Active Learning Strategies

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    The significance of active learning strategies is widely recognised. Past educational research has exhibited the success of teaching and learning activities that actively and collaboratively engage learners in the learning process irrespective of their age. Use of effective questioning can also improve the learning process and the teacher can assess pupils’ prior knowledge and understanding during the lesson to check whether pupils are progressing or not. In the past, when teaching science only involved