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  • Acting Career

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    Works Cited “An Acting Career.” “Actors.” Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2004-2005 Edition. 27 January 2005. . “Careers in Acting” 1 February 2005. . Moore, Dick. Opportunities in Acting Careers. Chicago: Career Horizons, 1999. 6-7. Yehling, Carol. Careers in Focus: Performing Arts. Chicago: Ferguson, 2003. 5-13. “OPENING NIGHT… …IT’S OPENING NIGHT! IT’S MAX BIALYSTOCK’S LATEST SHOW. WILL IT FLOP OR WILL IT

  • A Career in Acting

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    actresses work as background performers, or "extras," with small parts and no lines to deliver; still others work for theater companies, teaching acting courses to the public. Directors interpret plays or scripts. In addition, they audition and select cast members, conduct rehearsals, and direct the work of the cast and crew. Directors’ use their knowledge of acting, voice, and movement to achieve the best possible performance, and they usually approve the scenery, costumes, choreography, and music. Producers

  • Acting Career Research Paper

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    Actress Acting is seen in your everyday life, whether it be on a tv, in a movie theatre, on a stage, or even in person! Acting goes as far back as 500 B.C. when it was used for the same thing it is today, entertainment. It still goes by the same basic rules, yet it has changed some. I’ve always loved the thought of being an actress on the big stage, so I thought this would be the perfect time to figure out if this is what I really want, or possibly make me want it even more. Requirements & Qualifications

  • Bruce Lee

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    though he died very young from brain damage in 1973 when he was thirty-seven years old. He deserves the lifetime achievement award because he began his film career when he was six years old, he brought the art of martial arts and film to America, and he also created his own style of martial arts called Jeet Kune Do. First, he began his acting career when he was six years old. His first screen appearance was at three months old in his father's movie (Roensch 15-18). "This was the beginning, leading

  • Drew Barrymore

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    difficulties. When Drew was an infant, her parents were told numerous times, she should “get into commercials.”Drew was a very talented little girl. The movie she first appeared in was a minor role in the movie “The Protagonist’s Daughter.” Her main acting career began in 1982 when she was cast as “Gertie” in Steven Spielberg’s science-fiction movie “E.T.: The Extraterrestrial.” This movie was one of the most popular films of all time. This great achievement pushed Barrymore to stardom and was now known

  • Katherine Hepburn Autobiography

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    Me: Stories of My Life by Katherine Hepburn Katherine Hepburn is one of old Hollywood’s most unique and memorable stars. Her acting career lasted almost seventy years, earning her numerous awards including four Academy Awards, the most for any female actor. She has written two books, The Making of the African Queen in 1987 and Me: Stories of My Life in 1991. Katherine Hepburn was an independent, forward thinking individual, whose ideas were nurtured by her very large family. She was born

  • Jack Black

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    could. D.     age of thirteen first TV ad for the activision game Pitfall, a.     not a sign that that jacks acting career moving upwards. b.      15 jack got into cocaine, c.     stolen money from his mom sent school for difficult teens, d.     on campus therapists helped him greatly. E.     It was at a specialist arts and science school that he rediscovered At UCLA member of Tim Robbins acting troupe and it was now that Black Kyle Gass. a.      comic possibilities of stadium Rock. F.     two chunky

  • Ronald Reagan

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    and was on the football team. He became interested in acting, but after his graduation in 1932 the only job available that was related to show biz was a local radio sportscaster. In 1936 he took the job as a sportscaster for WHO radio station in Des Moines, Iowa. Reagan moved to Hollywood in 1937 and began a 30-year acting career. Some of his noted movies were Knute Rockne-All American, King's Row, and Bedtime for Bozo. During his acting career, Reagan was elected as the president of the Screen Actors

  • Will Ferrell

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    chairs laughing time and time again, it seems that Ferrell was destined to be a comic from the start, but it wasn't always that way. Although he is now regarded as one of the funniest and highest paid comical actors in Hollywood, Ferrell's comic acting career probably spawned from a childhood hunger that for a long time, even Ferrell himself was unaware of. He was born John William Ferrell on July 16, 1967 in Irvine, California. Despite his parents' divorce in 1975, Ferrell's natural intelligence

  • Dorian Gray And The Lady Of Shallot: Stepping Out Of The Shadows

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    fullest extent. In the aforementioned literature, the characters of Sibyl Vane and the Lady of Shallot lived their lives through the invulnerability of constant security. Sibyl Vane is an actress who is greatly devoted to her acting career. She is so consumed by her realm of acting that she does not experience the many other aspects and joys that life has to offer. All her heart, soul, and mind is put into her hobby, as it envelops her entire existence. Sibyl solely depends on this mindset to carry her

  • Marc Forster’s Monster’s Ball

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    lifelong ignorance, but this seems to be the film’s only accomplishment. The grisly drama attempts to address pressing racial issues, but instead it creates a monstrous web of unanswered questions and unfulfilled plotlines cleverly masked by brilliant acting and cinematic beauty. The first half of Monster’s Ball revolves around a family of executioners responsible for the last days of a black death-row inmate. Billy Bob Thornton is striking as Hank Grotowski, a native Georgian who has spent his life

  • Lena Horne

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    Lena Horne Lena Horne was born on June 30, 1917 in Brooklyn, New York. Her parents were Teddy and Edna Scottron Horne. After her father left her at the age of two in order to pursue his gambling career; her mother leaving soon after that to pursue her acting career; she went to live with her grandparents. Through her grandparents influence she became involved with organizations like the NAACP, at an early age. In 1924 she went back to live with her mother, traveling and being schooled all

  • Acting Career

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    will captivate the audience and keep their attention during the whole story. A writer for theatre should also have knowledge of acting because to effectively communicate their story, they should know everything there is to know about their characters. As it was discussed in class, schools such as UCR requires almost everyone in the TFDP department to take some type of acting classes for the purpose of being experienced in every aspect of theatre. Great writers write with a purpose, so I would say it

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger

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    as the 38th Governor of the state of California. Schwarzenegger gained worldwide fame as a Hollywood action film icon. He was nicknamed "The Austrian Oak" and "The Styrian Oak" in his bodybuilding days, "Arnold Strong" and "Arnie" during his acting career, and more recently "The Governator" (a portmanteau of Governor and Terminator, one of his film roles).[1] As a Republican, he was first elected on October 7, 2003, in a special recall election to replace then-Governor Gray Davis. Schwarzenegger

  • Religious Fanaticism

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    this sacrilegious and impious act…to be burned at the stake as a foretaste of the fires of hell. Pierre Roulle (1664) Moliere lived a life surrounded by controversy. After renouncing his position of Valet de Chambre Tapissier to pursue his acting career, Moliere formed a theater performance troupe called “The Illustrious Theater'; with his mistress’s family, the Bejarts. The troupe struggled for two years before collapsing in 1645 under the weight of massive debts. Moliere was soon

  • Religious Themes in Roman Polanski's A Knife In The Water and Rosemary’s Baby

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    swims ashore to contact the authorities. (Butler 39) “Rosemary’s Baby” is very different from Polanski’s first film. This film is about an expectant mother whose husband allows her to become impregnated by the devil in exchange for success in his acting career. When Rosemary begins to catch on to the fact that her husband and neighbors are witches and worshipers of the devil she becomes afraid for her baby. She suspects that they are going to take her baby from her and use it in a satanic ritual. Both

  • The Aspects Of The Acting Career

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    Good morning/afternoon students. Let me first congratulate you for being chosen for this semesters acting course here at Nida. I’m Tayla, your tutor for the semester. My position here today, is to clarify the confusion you have may have about the aspects of the acting career. Many of you may think the fame comes as a part of being an actor. After many years of working in this industry, I can tell you with emphasis fame is truly only a media creation. ‘The state of being widely known or recognized’

  • Michael Ball: Acting Career

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    Michael Ball: Acting Career Michael Ashley Ball is an English actor and singer. Michael is best known for his work in musical theater. Starting in 1984, he began his career in theater and has performed in countless productions. Ball’s acting career has won him various different awards for his work and talent up on stage. Aside from acting, he’s become a world renown singer and has toured all over the UK and the US. Ball has produced 21 solo albums and continues his work to further his career. His career

  • gregory peck

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    Gregory Peck, the well remembered actor, began his acting career in the 1940’s, People loved him and respected him on and off the stage. Not only was he a talented man, he was also very generous and deeply involved in politics. The story of this great actor began on April 15, 1916 in La Jolla, California (Fishgall insert). The name Gregory had been a family name, but Bunny, Peck’s mother, did not find this quite suitable for her son. She searched through her yearbook and chose the name Eldred. Her

  • Acting Career Research Paper

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    have loved acting for as long as I can remember. At age three I entertained family members with reenactments of my favorite movie scenes and at thirteen I was cast in the American Conservatory Theater’s first Shakespearean performance through the Youth Conservatory—A Midsummer Night’s Dream. For the last five years, those eighth-floor classrooms in downtown San Francisco have served as a second home in which I thrive as an actress. When my mother enrolled me at A.C.T. I began taking acting very seriously