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Ronald Reagan had a very successful life. He was the 40th president of the United States (1981-1989). He was an actor for 30 years before he became involved with politics and starred in more than 50 movies. Reagan was born on February 6, 1911 in Tampico, Illinois.
Reagan was raised by his traveling shoe salesman father John Reagan, and his mother Nelle. John was an alcoholic and was saved from the Great Depression by the Works Progress Administration. Reagan was strongly influenced by his mother, who taught him to read at an early age.
After High School, Ronald Reagan won a Scholarship to Eureka College in Peoria, Illinois. He was very active at Eureka. He majored in economics, student body president, captain of the swimming team, and was on the football team. He became interested in acting, but after his graduation in 1932 the only job available that was related to show biz was a local radio sportscaster. In 1936 he took the job as a sportscaster for WHO radio station in Des Moines, Iowa.
Reagan moved to Hollywood in 1937 and began a 30-year acting career. Some of his noted movies were Knute Rockne-All American, King's Row, and Bedtime for Bozo. During his acting career, Reagan was elected as the president of the Screen Actors Guild six times. He married Jane Wyman, had two children, but divorced her eight years later. He married Nancy Davis in 1952 and they had two more children. As president of the union, he tried to remove communists from the movie industry.
Reagan's first national political scene was when he did a speech supporting Republican presidential candidate Senator Barry Goldwater. Even though Goldwater lost the election, he brought in money and praise from fellow Republicans around the country.
Reagan decided to run for Governor of California in 1966 and defeated Edmund G. Brown, Sr., by nearly one million votes. His two terms as governor were tough because six of the eight years he served the legislature was controlled by Democrats, him being a Republican. As governor, Reagan became known as a conservative politician who wanted to restrict government involvement in economy and society.
Ronald Reagan made a last-minute effort to get the 1968 Republican presidenti...

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...ent to Muslim guerillas fighting the communist government of Afghanistan.
In 1982, in an effort to strengthen the Lebanon government, he sent marines to Lebanon. In October 1983, 250 marines were killed when their Beirut headquarters was bombed. Reagan removed his troops. Those remaining were often captured by Muslim radicals.
In 1987 Kuwait asked for Soviet and U.S. aid during the Iran-Iraq war in the Persian Gulf. The last two years of Reagan's presidency were marred by a political scandal, which badly damaged his reputation as an honest person and committed to principle. The scandal was that the U.S. had secretly sold weapons to Iran and had diverted the profits from the sale to help the contras. Reagan denied the allegations. There was also said to be a law saying that the U.S. couldn't aid the contras. This revealed to be true and Reagan lost his image.
In conclusion, Ronald Reagan was definitely one of our nations greatest presidents ever. He helped us in so many ways. I think if the media weren't so republican biased then more people would realize how great President Reagan really was.

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  • Explains that ronald reagan had a very successful life. he was the 40th president of the united states (1981-1989), an actor for 30 years before he became involved with politics and starred in more than 50 movies.
  • Explains that reagan was raised by his traveling shoe salesman father john reagan and his mother nelle. john was an alcoholic and saved from the great depression by the works progress administration.
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