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Nowadays, smoking has become a trend, especially among young people. When you’re a teenager, the temptation is huge. You want to impress your friends, do like them, in countenance, going against the recommendations of your parents, the need to feel independent, old ... In short, the ones who have never tried are very rare. However, not all of them become regular smokers. It became a part of growing up. But how it became such a normality? And still, no solution has been found to fight efficiently smoking. The more this practice is positive, the more acceptable it become, the more people start smoking and encourage other to consume. Smoking is spread by "social contagion."
According to the Center Of Disease Control and Prevention, nearly half of people aged between 18 and 34 smoke. 37% of adolescent smokers aged between 11 and 15 years feel like they cannot do without cigarettes. And 54% of young people aged 20 to 24 smoke, while the proportion of smokers aged 25 to 75 years is 29%. That shows us that college students are very affected by this phenomenon. Young people often underestimate the risks of smoking and the health care risk. The youth smoking behavior is mainly determined by psychosocial reasons. The more young people start smoking, the more likely they are to become regular consumers and less likely they are to quit. If current trends continue, 250 million children and teenagers alive today who continue to smoke as adults will die from tobacco-related diseases. The tobacco industry uses a range of strategies to target young people, including in countries with low and middle

income countries, where 80 % of young people living in the world. More young people are exposed to marketing, they are more likely to use tobacco. Wh...

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...nd promotions. (LaPointe)
Thanks to the researches and the survey I've done, this phenomenon became clearer and allowed me to answer this problematic. Young people continue smoking despite the rising prices and health issues, mainly due to the influence of their environment. Families, groups of friends, advertising, media, celebrities, nicotine are factors that promote tobacco which causes over time dependence. Young smokers have little concern for their health and do not really realize the risks they are facing. Nevertheless some of the people of this generation, eventually become aware of the gravity of smoking or can no longer afford their packages of cigarettes, due to the rising prices and have no choice but to quit. However, the majority of smokers can't quit, and try to find solutions to keep on this deadly consumption either for their health or their wallet.

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