Mathematical Physics

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The dates regarding the advent of Mathematical Physics vary just as how the dates concerning the advent of Mathematics and Physics vary from person to person and from tale to tale. There is an account which says that the methods of Mathematical Physics as a theory of mathematical model in Physics can be traced in the works of Newton and his contemporaries such as Lagrange, Euler, Laplace, Gauss and others who contributed in the advancement of methods of Mathematical Physics. However, there is a version especially that of which written in The Evolution of Mathematical Physics (1924) by Lamb laying the mark of its birth in 1807; the date after the French Revolution had subsided and later succeeded by the relative tranquility of the early empire, and the year when Laplace, Lagrange, and several other mathematicians used Newton’s scientific work to model, describe and predict the motion of celestial and terrestrial bodies. In this age, the methods of Mathematical Physics were successfully used in studying mathematical models of physical phenomena. These models have something to do with electrodynamics, acoustics, theory of elasticity, hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, and other related areas. The models used were usually described using partial differential equation, integral and integrodifferential equations, variational and probability theory methods, potential theory, the theory of functions of complex variable. Some of the dominant western mathematicians and scientist who succeeded in studying and describing the physical world by mathematical modeling are Lord Kelvin, George Stokes, James Clerk Maxwell, and Guthrie Tait.

The pioneers in this area of study made several formulations out of their studies and observations, and verified...

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...e one of the most important figures. He contributed to the formulation of the theory of electromagnetism, theory of color vision and optics, kinetic theory of gases and thermodynamics, and understanding the dynamics and stability of Saturn’s rings. Maxwell successfully identified the three primary colors: red, green, and blue. After the merits and achievement of the pioneers who provided almost the entire analytical tools for their successors, the development of mathematical physics continues in a more advanced ways.

Today, Mathematical Physics has gone far. Due to the rapid advancement and the presence of modern technology like computers, direct numerical method using computers to formulate mathematical models become more and more essential. Using new technologies, the process involved in the formulation of mathematical models becomes simpler and inexpensive.
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