1930’s Essays

  • Women of the 1930's

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    many ways during the 1930’s. The role of women in the 1930’s wasn’t very big compared to what the men did in many peoples eyes (Grevatt). The men were the breadwinners while most women stayed at home.Many people were upset that the role women were given was to practically to stay home and raise the kids which many wanted to change soon and quickly to prove that they were worth more than people let on (“1930’s.” ) Which reflects on the little rights that they were given in the 1930’s. Womens rights were

  • The 1930's: The Dirty Twenties

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    The 1920’s can be described as the “Roaring Twenties” whereas the 1930’s have been correctly called the “Dirty Thirties”. Politics, social conditions and economics separated the two decades, as there were huge transitions made in these categories from the 1920’s to the end of the 1930’s. To begin with, in the 1920’s, there were three main political parties. The Liberal Party was headed by William Lyon Mackenzie King and the Conservative Party was led by Arthur Meighen. King was a conciliator who

  • The Dust Bowl In The 1930's

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    The Dust Bowl was a huge impact on the U.S. in the 1930’s, it was also called the dirty thirties. It took place right after the stock market crashed and put many families that lived in the Great Plains out of their homes. The giant cloud of dust came from unanchored topsoil on the ground and carried it far away, and after the wind settled down, all of the dust that was carried, dropped and buried some homes and vehicles, even with families inside of them. It ruined crops and farms and damaged many

  • John Dillinger In The 1930's

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    In the 1930’s, people in America were facing very difficult times. The people were going through the Great Depression losing money and jobs. The Dust Bowl was creating havoc in the Great Plains. We had violent criminals robbing banks and putting the public in danger. One of those popular criminals during that time was named John Dillinger. Dillinger was a professional criminal because he broke out of jail, robbed banks, and killed innocent people (Bio. com). John Dillinger was born on June, 22

  • Contrast Between The 1920's And The 1930's

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    Industries were still standing in America; they were actually richer and more powerful than before World War I. So what was so different in the 1930’s? The Great Depression replaced those carefree years into ones of turmoil and despair. The decade after the First World War saw tremendous change. Progressivism was a leading factor of World War I and in the 1920’s the evidence can be seen. Industries were making their products at an increasing rate. Products that were not populous before World War I

  • The Role Of Farmers In The 1930's

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    Farmers struggled with pricing during the 1920’s, but after 1929 it hit city dwellers just as hard too. Many businesses began to lay off workers or close after the stock market crashed. Families were running out of money, the need for buying a new car and appliances began to dwindle. People learned to live without a new Sunday dress. And maintaining a steady income to pay rent was getting hard. Some young men jumped on any train they could in search of a job. Times were getting hard and they were

  • The Dust Storm In The 1930's

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    In the early 1920’s a series of unfortunate events contributed to the Dust Bowl. The first few contributions were drought and strong winds. Soon dust storms started sprouting up around the midwest. As the amount of storms increased more citizens scrambled away. Turning the midwestern areas into the Dust Bowl. And to top it off all of this was happening at the beginning of the Great Depression, which began in 1929. Which was mostly caused by multiple stocks crashing. Causing great ecological and economical

  • Mildred Pierce and the Domestic Role of Women in the 1930's

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    Mildred Pierce and the Domestic Role of Women in the 1930's Women’s place in society during the 1930’s was very different compared to the role that women have in today’s society. Fortunately, these days women are free to decide what type of jobs to have when to marry and when to have children. Unfortunately during the thirties women did not have these choices. According to Mary Kinnear in her book Daughter of Time, “In the United States the proportion of women workers engaged in professional

  • The Thirties: A Decade Of Despair In The 1930's

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    Despair Essay In the 1930’s many horrible things happened to the economy, and all sorts of people. Many became unemployed and were struggling to get money, food, and other necessary items to survive. All of these items were hard to come by in those days because of the stock market crash. Once the stock market crashed about $140 billion just simply vanished. This caused many immigrants to be sent back home, and the buying and selling of materials very difficult. During the 1930’s the stock market crashed

  • Canada and The Great Depression of the 1930's

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    ideas encouraged the end of the depression. William Lyon MacKenzie King was a main contributor towards leading Canada out of the depression. When the depression started, King was still in the position of Prime Minister; so when the election of the 1930’s came, King had a new opponent. His opponents name was Richard Bennett. Bennett suggested that tariffs should be raised, and that the wealthy and stable should give to the poor; while King was campaigning for lower tariffs, attempting to help those

  • Havoc From the Dustbowl in the 1930's

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    As America tumbled skyward into the 1930s, the country also stumbled earthward into a cataclysmic depression. Farmers all across the country mewled out in agony as huge swarms of flinging dust particles flew amok and disfigured cropland. The dust squirmed itself into houses, barns, and the lungs of innocent people, infecting them with what came to be known as a dust pneumonia. Farmers suffered harshly from the annihilation of their farms due to the soil flying about. It impaired animals, crops, houses

  • The Unfair Treatment Of African Americans In The 1930's

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    difficulties. There’s always events or people that come along that cause us to remember a certain time. The 1930’s was definitely a time we all remember. We know it as a time that was very difficult for people everywhere in America. The Great Depression greatly impacted people. It was also a time where African Americans didn't have much freedom and they were always treated more poorly than the whites. The 1930’s was a hard time period for Americans everywhere because of the Great Depression, little freedom for

  • To Kill A Mockingbird Education In The 1930's

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    A Quest for Literacy-Education in the 1930s Due to reformers in the Great Depression Era, education has changed and evolved much in the last hundred years. Education quality in the 1920s and 30s was severely lacking, due to money shortage. Scout and Jem Finch from Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird have education quality surpassing most other schools of the time. Throughout the story, Scout is in first through third grade, while Jem is in fifth grade through high school. Most schools were in desperate

  • Negative Effects Of The Squatters In The 1930's

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    The squatters’ in the 1930s undoubtedly dealt with many hardships. A lot of the misfortunes that they faced were due to their unpleasant lifestyle. Therefore, the problems that they faced as the effects of their lifestyle at their homes were much greater. In fact, they added even more stress and struggle to their lives. The lifestyle in squatters’ camps caused many negative effects for everyone who came into contact with them, and damaged their minds and bodies. These negative effects were caused

  • The Effects of the Depression in Britain in the Early 1930’s

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    The Effects of the Depression in Britain in the Early 1930’s At the beginning of the 1930’s just like America Britain had a major depression which affected almost everyone and everything in the country. But some people were affected worse than others depending on what industry they worked in. In most cases people who worked in the old industries were affected worst because the old industries like Shipbuilding, Textiles, Coal mining and Steel making suffered survirly. Ship building in particular

  • Exploring the Meaning of Women’s Fashion during the 1920’s and 1930’s

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    conventional Victorian dresses of the 1800’s to the rock-and-roll tee shirts of the 1980’s, American culture has experienced incredibly diverse trends in clothing. This ever changing timeline of fashion provokes the question: what is the cause of such differing styles? By considering the state of society throughout the eras, it can be seen that clothing directly correlates with the current way of life. Specifically, American women’s fashion of the 1920’s and 1930’s proves to not simply be a meaningless

  • How Did Wanda Bridgeforth Grow Up In The 1930's

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    As people live to this day’s constant demands, they often mention how their lives are ‘horrible’, but no life can be more horrific than just one day in the groove of Wanda Bridgeforth’s life growing up during the 1930’s. Wanda Bridgeforth was a survivor of The Great Depression, and she has quite a story to tell. Surely, she can relate to someone like Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird, although her skin is a different shade. Wanda would had never known what it was like to grow up as an African American

  • Unfortunate Farmers in the Great Plains during the 1930's

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    The young, recently married farmers living in the Great Plains during the 1930s had a terrible life. First off, being married meant having multiple people to provide for. This is more responsibility, and leads to dividing up the food between family members. Then, the country was also in an economic downturn, so the price of food and crops were low. Farmers already had debt because of new machines and land that was purchased during World War I to keep up with the demand during the war. Then the

  • entertainment in the 1930's

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    In the early 1930’s entertainment started to become popular. The reason for that was due to the Great Depression. Entertainment took people’s minds off of the struggles that were being faced. Country and blues were forms of music that were introduced during this time, but the 1930’s was mainly a time of jazz. Broadway and movies became more advanced and more popular then too. “Movies, music, and Broadway all combined to provide as an escape from the dreary life of the depression.”(Walker n.pag.)

  • Radio in the 1930's

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    changed society during the 1930’s? According to the research done by the Education Foundation, many people believe that the most important development in the radio at that time was entertainment; this is entirely false. In fact, radio communications not only made an impact in the way people received their news, but also brought together a nation that got out of a brutal depression. Together, the nations as one made radio communications the commanding form of media in the 1930’s. As stations and businesses