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Today 's Church Of The Church Essay

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Today’s Church
Churches today isn’t what it used to be. Church used to be a place, as you press in to the body of Christ, as you spend time with people, as make friends, as you join in small groups, and chat with people, you were giving them an opportunity to manifest the joy of God in your direction. Church used to be a place that brought joy through others as you serve alongside them. Whether was cleaning up the church after church or helping the local poor, when you have that a partnership and that love between you and others that you serve Jesus together with joy is the result. But many things in church’s has changed since a was young. Matthew 24-4, Jesus answered: “Watch out that no one deceives you. For man will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the messiah,’ and will deceive many”.
“Money is the root to all evil”. I have seen, even in such holy place as a church money can be a source of all corruption. The more money a church has, the greater the tendency it gives people who are in charge to acquire for power and authority, which always result in a pursuit for personal gains, because many people in ministries now days aren’t really respectful of God as they used to be. Money in church is the cause of arguments and it usually always lead to horrible things. Money’s the one of many reason churches are breaking in today’s world. Leaders in churches are scared to tell the congregation the truth because they fear that they will lose people.
Abraham Lincoln once said, “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power”. From my understanding power is authority and strength, the ability to control. And in Church if one is given too much power, it always leads to corruption in the church...

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...ill pray and repent their sins, and he will forgive them. God in heaven will heal their land, and they shall see prosperity”. Says the Lord.
Looking at today’s Christians and how they struggle with sin, making it look like the devil has an influence over them. Christians have trusted him so completely, this deception suddenly is becoming unbearable. Looking at the singers in all the worship teams at church’s and how power and money is deceiving them to the point where they don’t even know who they are working for anymore. Looking at today’s church and how they are breaking apart and all believers turning away from their faith. But God, I pray when that day come, I ask you to give me a chance to enter your kingdom, so nobody will accuse me or judge me. I want to enter your kingdom, so I can see you face to face. I want to enter paradise, the city of peace and love.

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