Tim Blair 's `` Love ``, Is A Good Argumentative Essay

Tim Blair 's `` Love ``, Is A Good Argumentative Essay

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i believe that Tim Schroeder 's short story, "Love", is a good argumentative essay. the conclusion to this essay is “for someone (A) to love another (B) is for the person (A) to very much want what is best for the other (B), and want if for their (B) own sake”.
he starts his essay by trying to figure out what is true and untrue about love and states a few theories, "the three inconsistent things". one of them being "you don 't have emotions while you are in dreamless sleep". he backs this up by saying "no one would point to a person in a coma and say, 'Gee, he 's really emotional! '" which he is right about, because that would be a pretty silly thing to say. another theory he states is "you don 't stop loving someone when you fall into dreamless sleep". he backs this idea up by saying "it would be wrong that for a person cheated on another, and then gave the excuse, 'Well, you were asleep, so you didn 't love me. Why did I owe you anything? '" and, along with that, states "it would be wrong for someone to tell you 'Don 't go to sleep: I want our love to last as long as it can! '". again, these two things are really silly things to say. Schroeder points out how irrational these ideas would be, because they just don 't make any sense. the last theory he shares is that love is an emotion. since these three things are inconsistent and the ones that i already said have no way to be true, then this one must be false. so Schroeder switches this one, he says "love is not an emotion". he justifies his new theory by stating that "love is a special closness between two people", this puts an idea in our heads that love is a much more broad subject than just saying 'it 's something you feel '.

with this short essay, Schroeder makes you ...

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...se people are normally just saying they like these things, not that they literally love them” he says, which i can personally say i’m guilty of along with many people i have heard say they love something metaphorically. In his short essay, Schroeder uses the example of an ice cream flavor. I find it important that he states this because having feelings of “love” for a flavour of ice cream does not follow the conclusion he is portraying, henz why he tells us that it’s metaphorical. Clearly Schroeder has a lot of side theories about love and what it really is, but the conclusion is really what he believes love all comes down to, all the evidence leads to this one theory. If you don’t want what’s best for someone then you don’t care about them and you don’t love them. Schroeder has quality evidence to support his conclusions. The premises are consistent and are rational.

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