Analysis Of The Cheater's Guide To Love

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In the short story “The Cheater’s Guide to Love” by Junot Diaz, the author pinpoints on the Yunior’s life as a writer and college professor who is also struggling with his romantic relationships. The short story is filled with his experiences of using women for his beneficial needs and how it negatively affects him. It focuses on Yunior’s downfall through life after the destruction of his relationship with his fiance. The diction includes the narrator’s hateful consideration of women and a paradox of his own endeavors which prevent him from pursuing a meaningful relationship, but he grows to realize that he treats women awfully and his ex did the right thing by leaving him due to his untruthfulness.
To begin, the reader is introduced with
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Yunior starts to become conscious of “what a f*cking chickensh*t coward [he is] and admits to be “astounded by the depths of [his] mendacity” (14). Yunior realizes that he is selfish and inconsiderate towards the feelings of other women. Yunior is shocked of himself and his tendency to lie. He notices that his lying and cheating ways can really hurt women and he feels bad about himself. After a long time of suffering, the narrator finally gains a true understanding of his wrongdoings. The protagonist is filled with regret with the way he treats women and the fact that his cheating ways gets him nowhere. He confesses the truth that his ex “ did the right thing” by leaving him (14). Yunior starts to register that he is unable to ever get over his ex fiance and he regrets cheating on her. He is saying that he does not deserve her because all that he ever gave her were lies and deceit. She is fortunate enough to be able to escape the pain and hurt that he brought along with him. This creates the central idea that cheaters are the ones who really play themselves. The narrator expected that his cheating manner will be beneficial to him, but it is like a slap to the face. Cheating does not get you anywhere in life and only brings suffering in the end. He now understands that when you do something bad, bad things will come back to you. What goes around comes back around. Achieving a lasting relationship comes…show more content…
Although, he tries to better himself, Yunior’s awful treatment to women prohibit him from attaining a significant connection with them. His dishonesty erodes his strength, health, and his relationships with not only women, but his family and friends. Yunior realizes that his own heartbreak was his own fault due to betraying his fiance. His language of objectifying women only makes the reader see how disrespectful he is towards females. His words and actions towards his past lovers make him regretful and guilty for the hurt he put them though. He becomes aware of the fact that he lost someone precious which leads him to feel remorse for himself. His chaotic love life forces him to understand that he is horrible in the way he treats and views women, the relationship with his ex fiance was a real learning experience for him, and cheaters never
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