The Thunder-Bird Amongst the Algonkins Essay

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Does a flash at night makes you shut your eyes and cover your ears? I do. I remember a night of restless sleep, with huge a thunderstorm roaring from outside and I was lying on bed with a fever. It was cold, and because of the voice of thunder I couldn’t stay calm. I was scared and as I tried to peek at the window, an intense lightning bolt flashed, and a clash of thunder followed by. I was horrified and felt something humongous must produce thunder like he is mad. Throughout history, many stories and myth serve a common goal to the listeners. The monsters appear in the stories you heard is a way to teach you a lesson or give warning. From what I learned and read in class, monsters tend to be a thing that we created or fear of. To the Native Indians of United States, Thunderbird is a being that use in stories as a way to explain unique natural phenomenon such as lighting, thunder, and storms.
A very general description of thunderbird is represented by an eagle but in deeper physical details is that it is an enormous bird with horns that induces lighting by flashes of its eyes and thunder by flapping its huge wings. It has a sharp beak with teeth and claws for catching serpents and whales. There is no familiar bird species that has horns and produces lightning. The Thunderbird is a category along with supernatural beings that does not exists. It can only be seen in movies or games.
According to Myton Eells, the Western Indians’ concept of Thunderbird is a big bird that produces thunder. Eell also suggests other tribes and Makahs believe Thunderbird is two things instead of one, a giant and a bird. Indians are very superstitious to Thunderbird. The Indians believe if they own any parts of the bird they will have extraordinary str...

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