Essay on Throwing Strikes by R.A. Dickey and About R.A. Dickey

Essay on Throwing Strikes by R.A. Dickey and About R.A. Dickey

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The book, Throwing Strikes, by R.A. Dickey is a fascinating biography about the author,
a 39yearold knuckle ball pitcher who currently plays Major League Baseball for the Toronto Blue Jays
baseball team. R.A. Dickey tells the story in an informal, conversational writing style written in
first person about his struggles in the beginning of his baseball career, and how he miraculously turns his
career around after getting advice and working with his idol, Phil Niekro, a former Atlanta Braves
ballplayer who was nicknamed "Knucksie" because of his usage and skill level with the knuckleball.
Throwing Strikes was first copyrighted in 2013, which coincidentally is the same year that
R.A. Dickey, at age 38 received the Cy Young award — becoming the first knuckleball pitcher to receive
the award. This was a huge accomplishment for Dickey because no other knuckleball pitcher had been
recognized previously as an outstanding pitcher in the League.

The author R.A. Dickey, begins by telling his story about his rough life growing up in Nashville,
Tennessee and then following his boyhood dream of becoming a baseball player. He started out his
baseball career as a top MLB prospect after playing for Team USA in the 1996 Summer Olympics in
Atlanta and earning a bronze medal. A lot of the top baseball scouts started looking at him more seriously
after that, and the Texas Rangers recruited and signed him quickly. R.A. Dickey was known for blowing
batters away with his powerful pitch. He had a good couple of years but then got into a big slump – he
began to have trouble with his throw. Another set back was that an Xray revealed a major problem with
his throwing arm. It seemed like his future in baseball was over before it even began.
Officially in a m...

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...r reading the book, the one thing I wish the author included more of, was detail on R.A.
Dickey’s lessons with Phil Niekro. Did they sit together and watch tapes of Dickey pitching in real
games? Or did Phil Niekro consult and give R.A. Dickey pitching lessons on a regular basis to teach him
what he needed to tweak? I can relate to this, as I see a baseball coach every Sunday morning to work
on my swing and pitching. If my baseball coach sees that my form is wrong, he instructs me on what I
need to do better.

I idolize R.A. for inspiring me and helping me to improve my knuckleball pitch. After reading this
book, I truly hope and believe that R.A. Dickey — once he retires from baseball — will be honored as one
of the greatest knuckleball pitchers in the MLB. His story to never give up, no matter what life throws at
you is one that should be told over and over again.

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