Three Ways that Parents Hurt Their Children Without Knowing It

Three Ways that Parents Hurt Their Children Without Knowing It

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(Discuss three ways that parents hurt their children without knowing it?)
Parents we all have them or had them we all think and think about how we all feel about them and why we do. Some get along and some don’t whether it is your mom or your dad we all have our reasons. Do you ever think about why they say things to hurt you feelings? Why they are being mean to you? Or maybe why they treat the other kids better? I’m not saying that all parents do the same thing but this is what my parents do. And these are many reasons I feel like this about how they treat me different than any of the ten of us. We have a huge family there is four girls and six boys there are all crazy but by the time I was five my sisters were gone and left me with the four brothers I know what it’s like to feel so alone but that strikes up opportunity for me to become daddy’s little girl and I did I would get anything and everything by just batting my eyes and saying daddy please. Now to what ways do are parents hurt us without knowing it. In this short story The Rocking horse winner this little boy rides a horse to find out who wins the horse race so that he can be lucky so his mother will love him.
First of all the things that they say sometimes truly do hurt your feelings like” why can’t you be more like your brother?” or maybe “You can’t do anything right” words like that stick to a child’s mind they constantly think about why they got told that and if they truly mean it parents get mad yes but they don’t think about a child’s emotions when they say something that is mentally stuck in their heads because it was only a spur of a moment and anger strikes fast. You go days thinking about the things that you do wrong and how you wish you could fix it but they never know that that is one thing a child does not get out of their head because everything negative you say to a child is stuck in a child’s mind though out there childhood that is one thing that hurts a child is saying things that can make them think that they are useless.

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Next when a parent does not like the people you hang out with and tell you mean things that make you not want to like them like when they tell you that they don’t like that friend because they don’t like their parents. They make big deals about who you hang out with and when they don’t let you hang out with that person and you do it anyways because that is what we do and then your parents get hurt for you doing that the fact is that if they don’t like your friends parents, you never will know if they are like their parents an anyway. That hurts a child because they want to be able to make the good choices that you put out there for them and without those life decisions that they will learn from their mistakes and if that person was wrong then they can tell you they told you so that is one thing that hurts you that a parent does.
Last but not least when a parent chooses favorites it is not fair in anyway because they tell you one thing and tells your sibling another thing favorites are the worst out of it all. They favor them by buying them whatever they want but when you ask they don’t give you what you want. Or when you ask for something and you don’t get it tell a certain age but your sibling will get it ages younger then you they may not know that they are playing favorites but they are and they go to every school event for that child and everything they want to do they get to do but that does not stop them from doing that they are the favorite and that truly makes a child fell broken and not loved because they are treated completely different from their siblings. Being treated like an outcast like you don’t belong that truly hurts a child the most.
Finally we talk about family and how we care for them and how we all think in different states of mind I want to say that we all don’t have the family that takes care of us and can afford everything they want in life. Most of us are lucky to have families. In this story I think that these kids deserve love from their mother but never received the love that they need because she was too consumed in trying to make money. In this story this makes you think a lot about what you think is so bad about you family when these kids didn’t really have the family that they wanted. Those are the reason I think parents hurt their children without knowing it the fact is they will always love you know matter what.

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