Essay on The Three Major European Superpowers ( Spain, England, And France

Essay on The Three Major European Superpowers ( Spain, England, And France

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The three major European superpowers (Spain, England, and France) had similarities in their motives to navigate the Atlantic Ocean; essentially they differed in their methods of utilizing the New World, and their impact on the indigenous people of the Americas. The evident similarities of Spain, England, and France, where their initial pursuits to find the trade route to India and make wealth off of it. The superpowers fluctuated in their means of utilizing the New world when they had to make something from nothing. All three of them impacted the indigenous people of the Americas negatively, although some were not as barbaric as others. Thus Spain, England, and France in their parallel motives to cross the Atlantic; ultimately varied in their methods of exploiting the New World, and their impact on the aboriginal people of the Americas.
Spain the youngest of the three countries was the first to look for a trade route to India, however soon the other two superpowers would also come. The first to do it, but comparable to the other European powers, Spain enlisted an Italian navigator in Christopher Columbus to locate the new trade route to India. Even though Columbus failed in his original plan he did not realize at the time that he had hit a gold mine. Spain soon figured this out and put the gold in the driver’s seat and the locating of the route to India in the backseat. This is where the similarities of each country scrambling for the New World’s wealth started.
England related to the other major European countries strived to find a trade route to India. Henry VII enlisted the services of John Cabot an Italian navigator to pursue that plot. Unlike Spain and France Cabot landed in modern day Newfoundland. He likewise did not find...

... middle of paper ...

...oholism which could kill them.
Therefore, Spain, England, and France set out with an equivalent ambition to uncover a shorter trade route to India; ultimately their methods varied when they started exploiting the Ne World, this left a negative impact on the native people of the Americas. The apparent resemblances of the three major European superpowers where their primary goal to reveal a shorter trade route to India and collect a profit form it. They wavered in their processes of using the New World when they came up empty on their original plans. Spain, England, and France all produced damaging impacts on the New Worlds native people. Thus, the three major European superpowers navigated the Atlantic with the goal to expose a new trade route India; ultimately transformed their ways of expending the New World, and impacting the peoples of the Americas negatively.

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