Essay on The Threat Of The Lone Wolf Terrorist

Essay on The Threat Of The Lone Wolf Terrorist

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America has seen a rise in terrorist attacks since September 11, 2001. Preceding these attacks by Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaida an ostensibly new threat emerged on American soil. However, this apparent growing new threat of terrorism to America has been active for decades and is known as the Lone Wolf terrorist. Mark S. Hamm and Ramon Spaaj have indicated and disclosed in their research that the lone wolf terrorist has been active in 98 cases in America between 1940-2013. In their 2015 grant report after further examinations were concluded; the definition of lone wolf terrorism needs to include the following:
Lone wolf terrorism is political violence perpetrated by individuals who act alone; who do not belong to an organized terrorist group or network; who act without the direct influence of a leader or hierarchy; and whose tactics and methods are conceived and directed by the individual without any direct outside command or direction. (Hamm & Spaaj, 2015)
When looking at a previous well known Lone attacker proceeding well before September 11, 2001, Ted Kaczynski terrorized the nation for two decades. Ted Kaczynski also known as the Una Bomber, lived deep in a Montana forest, secluded from society and shunned it. Ted Kaczynski killed 3 and wounded 23 people from his mail bombings (Pantucci, 2011). Not all lone wolf terrorists live like Ted Kaczynski in almost total seclusion, however they tend to disassociate with society as a whole and separate themselves from interacting in society. Normally, these lone wolves do not communicate with others their intentions, being withdrawn from society, and be radicalized in a secluded manner. As indicated by Rodger Bates when he states:
Lone wolf terrorism involves self-radicalized individuals ...

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...against other human beings of their nation will help their cause; teach them to be secretive, promoting anti-social behavior that way they can hide the agendas. Many of these lone wolf attackers are radicalized by jihadist groups promoting over the internet.
With countless diverse possibilities of who may be a Lone Wolf Terrorist and what causes them. Copious amounts of research are under way to try to understand what would be the best resources and methods in determining if someone is predetermined to be a lone wolf attacker. Some approaches have proved to be successful but only in limited capacities. With the silent nature of this terrorist it is not common to apprehend someone before the act of terror has occurred; although it does happen but with such a broad range of possibilities makes the task of finding the lone wolf extremely difficult for law enforcement.

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