The Threat Of Global Warming Alarm Essay

The Threat Of Global Warming Alarm Essay

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The Global Warming Alarm
A handful of satellites monitoring from space. Hundreds of ships at sea. Thousands of stations on land. Scientists feeding data into the most advanced computers. For the soul purpose of tracking the earth’s vital signs of global warming. Day by day, the news over the world grows more fantastically apocalyptic about global warming, saying that “Global Warming is man-made and is proven scientifically beyond doubt”. Nevertheless, global warming issue is far from being scientific, but instead it is dressed up in science.
The arctic ice is melting! The sea is increasingly rising! Hurricanes are progressively blowing! What causes all this? Is it our entire fault? No one can deny that our globe is at cross roads. The warning signs of global warming surrounding us. Signs in which they are showing their presence with vengeance. Climate change is pushing the weather conditions from bad to worse. Although extreme weather conditions depend mainly on natural variability, yet the odds of heavy rain and heat waves will eventually occur.
Nowadays the debate has come to an end among the world’s scientists, that global warming is occurring and accelerating as the world’s temperature warms degree by degree. Everyone has the same desires of seeking responsible solutions to protect ourselves from the worst effects of global warming. What can be done about climate change? What will happen to our world if we don’t? These questions and more are asked by most if not all of scientists.
Few decades ago, scientists were debating whether the earth is cooling down or warming up. Nowadays, the majority of them believe that global warming is real and happening. No one can ignore the u...

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...ur weather, but we are the main reason for it. Hence, the actual scientific basis for the global warming theory is crumbling.
Climate variation in the past is clearly natural, so why some think it is any different now? In the current global warming alert, this problem won’t be an easy fix. Fortunately, there is a glimpse of hope. Some potential solutions are already in place and many other promising solutions are still on the drawing board. We live in an industrial time period. Thanks to modern industry. Nowadays, luxuries of life once enjoyed by only the super-rich and the privileged are now available to the ordinary person. Modern technology has made life easier and richer, communication and modern transport have made the world seem less far and distanced, industrial progress has changed our lives, though some believe that is has changed our climate too.

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