Essay about Thomas Edison: The Wizard of Light

Essay about Thomas Edison: The Wizard of Light

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Thomas Alva Edison lived one of the most constructive live of any American ever born. According to (“Thomas Alva Edison Biography”) He held over 1,000 patents on inventions he created or claimed he created.

(“Thomas Alva Edison Biography”) He was born on February 11, 1847 in Milan, Ohio. He was the youngest of seven children. Young Thomas had trouble at school so his mom pulled him out and started to home school him. At the age of 14 Thomas was working at a local railroad station. He sold candy, newspapers, and magazines. At one point he even started his own newspaper, which was a big hit for travelers. From 1863-1867 he traveled the U.S. as an illiterate telegrapher. And soon after became interested in science and electricity. Then in 1871 he married Mary Stilwell. (“Thomas Alva Edison Biography”) According to says that “They were happily married for 13 years and then had three kids, William, Thomas, and Marion. (“Thomas Alva Edison Biography”) Soon after he became an independent inventor in New York. He sought work as a telegraph operator. But due to his failing heari...

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