Things that You Can do to Prevent Noroviral Infection Essay

Things that You Can do to Prevent Noroviral Infection Essay

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It is three o’clock in the morning. You have a low fever, are extremely thirsty, and have chills. Your muscles ache and you have a general feeling of sickness. You decide to cancel your first appointment the next day and go to the doctor. The diagnosis? Norovirus, a markedly contagious single stranded DNA. The norovirus is commonly referred too as viral gastroenteritis, winter-vomiting disease, non-bacterial gastroenteritis, and food poisoning. Viral gastroenteritis is transmitted through food, water, and close conditions such as those in hospitals and on airplanes and cruise ships. Non-bacterial gastroenteritis can be treated through traditional medicine, as well as homeopathic and Chinese remedies.
The norovirus is shaped like a cherimoya or a spiky fruit (a spherical shape with pointed spikes). When multiple viruses gather in one place it has the appearance of a bunch of grapes. The non-bacterial gastroenteritis infection can survive freezing temperatures and can even sustain survival in temperatures as high as 140 degrees Farenheight. The food poisoning virus can also live in very high chlorine levels (10 parts per million), which is higher than a majority of water systems. There are several things that you can do to prevent noroviral infection. The most important is intensive and regular hand washing. Some others are proper handling of fruits, vegetables, and cold vegetables, steaming oysters before digesting and discarding diapers of children (especially ill ones). You can also dispose of sewage environmentally correctly and keeping sick people out of kitchens. Gastroenteritis infects the stomach and intestinal tract.
There is prevalent norovirus contamination in rivers in seas. These outbreaks (called waterborne), can al...

... middle of paper ...

...e, aches in the muscles, and fatigue. Norovirus is usually diagnosed by the symptoms.
There are no medicines or vaccines to treat norovirus traditionally. However, traditional medicine suggests drinking a bounty of non-alcoholic and caffeine free fluids. It is also suggested to eat yogurt during recovery. Chinese medicine proposes the herbal remedies Po Chai and Pill Curing. Homeopathic treatment recommends an infusion of meadowsweet and slippery elm. Castor oil packs can reduce pain. Norovirus has no known long-term health effects.
Acute gastroenteritis inflames the stomach and gastrointestinal tract. Norovirus can be transmitted through food water and close conditions. There are several ways to treat winter-vomiting disease (traditional, homeopathic, and Chinese). You cannot protect yourself from norovirus (without dying) because you would have to halt eating.

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