There Are Many Problems Up For Debate Essay

There Are Many Problems Up For Debate Essay

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With concern to environmentalism there are many problems up for debate. A major problem is the definition on what is considered natural. The line that environmentalist and animal liberationists draw on naturalness is very different. When considering animals environmentalists would say that wild animals and domesticated animals are not on the same level; however liberationists believe that both merit ethical considerations. I believe the way one views what is “natural” all depends on their perspective. Depending on how one looks at something can change the naturalness of that object.
If something is natural does that mean it is better? If this happens to be the case then who is defining the term? Environmentalist believes that anything that is wild or, in better terms, not manmade can be considered natural while the domesticated, artificial organisms are not. The domesticated, artificial organisms and environment can be exploited for the use of man. Environmentalists’ apathy for manmade things could be argued as being more practical. “They perhaps think that the difference is that we created domesticated organisms…and so [we] are entitled to use them solely for our own interests. But we did not create wild organisms and environments, so it is the height of presumption to expropriate them for our benefit. ” This thought process is one way to look at the facts however it can be construed to extend the exploitation to other parts of the environment. A good example of this is zoos. Zoos take wild animals and encage them for the enjoyment of others. The zoo companies are exploiting the rarity of the wild animals and environments in order to give others pleasure.
Another argument environmentalists have is that “human beings find it so...

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... the cheaper option. Mass production of different foods has not only hurt the animals it also has hurt the environment and the ecosystem.
The word natural, it seems so simple yet is has caused so many problems. With so many different perspectives and perceptions in the world, defining this simple word may be near to impossible. A lot of compromise will have to be reached and people are going to have to start working together in order to ensure whatever bit of “natural” we have left is not gone. Someone once said “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” This quote explains how, no matter what the debate is, whatever is done to the earth is going to be passed down to the next generation. There is no way to know if the damage that is being caused is permanent but why risk the future for something that can be fixed in the present?

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