The Theory Of Race Hierarchy Essay

The Theory Of Race Hierarchy Essay

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The Thomas Theorem presents the idea which essentially refutes the hypothesis that race hierarchy was shored up by scientific factor rather than the subjective recognition of people. Through out the history of western society, People are more or less interested in finding traits of different human groups from the beginning of the Darwin 's Evolution Theory to the contemporary genetics, which is trying to convincingly divide human into subordinate groups through the method of science. As the Thomas Theorem depicted, the illusion create by the race hierarchy eventually brings real consequences to the society. The standard used to dichotomize races mostly rendered and buttressed by pseudoscience or other intention related to political and constitutional reason. To expand and elaborate the Thomas Theorem, several aspects of the formation of race hierarchy will be discussed below.

The pivot of racializing human population is to find similarities inside one 's racial group and distinctions between different racial groups. According to the article of Diamond(1994), Some people try to define the boundaries of different racial groups by apply scientific theory in zoology, which depends on finding the nuances of traits between animal inside a specie to further assure their race identity (p.6) . In fact, a student in Biology discipline will probably tell you that human is belong to mammals since we are fostering our child. Nonetheless, we may also use any other physical traits to classify human among the rest of the creatures in the earth. For example, the ancient Chinese divide animals using a completely disparate method compared with modern academy. Through the development of biology, we find one irrefutable axiom that asserts the differ...

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...engthen the impression of stereotype toward that particular group. This lead to a vicious circle that the stereotype nourish prejudice, and then produces discrimination. This hypothesis is coherent with most of the statistics conducted across between racial groups, which predicts the non-ideal performance of black communities.

Based on the aforementioned discussion, we realized that the consequence of race is tremendous to both the White and the “colored” groups inside the United State. The Thomas theory do has its flaw that the existence of race is evident regardless of whether people believe it or not. In a word, the race exists due to the difference of physical trait of people and conflicts between social relations. Discrimination, a final product of stereotype threats, is the most detrimental consequence brings by the race hierarchy in the contemporary society.

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