Essay on The Theory Of Consciousness And Consciousness

Essay on The Theory Of Consciousness And Consciousness

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Consciousness is something that everybody knows what is it but it cannot really be explained. Different beings around the world are conscious in their own particular ways, but we all have a characteristic in common. We are living, breathing and living beings. But what if consciousness could exist in artificial beings that go about their day with artificial intelligence, otherwise known as A.I? Personally, I do not believe this is possible because even though we could eventually look the same, the A.I will never be conscious. I believe that it could mimic consciousness, but given the chance, the A.I would demonstrate that it does not have real consciousness at all.
Dennett and Bringsjord are two philosophers that could not disagree more when it comes to consciousness and who is able to possess it. Essentially, Dennett believes that consciousness can exist in a non-biological being; in other words, an A.I. He believes that consciousness is just another component of the human body. According to Dennett, humans are composed of atoms and even though it is very complex, he believed that t...

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