Essay about Theoretical Perspectives on Reading Instruction

Essay about Theoretical Perspectives on Reading Instruction

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Since the reading movements of the 1980’s and 1990’s, many different theoretical perspectives on teaching reading have been proposed. This paper will examine and discuss major themes, issues, and influences derived from theoretical perspectives on reading instruction that have been proposed since the 1980’s. This paper will also examine four articles related to themes and issues taken from the State University library about reading instruction. The author will relay these articles from the library; to current classroom and personal experiences.
Research in Learning Style and Reading: Implications for Instruction
The first article that we will examine is by Marie Carbo and entitled, “Research in Learning Style and Reading: Implications for Instruction”. This article shares the importance of teaching students reading through their individual learning styles. The article goes on to discuss research on the Dunn and Dunn model of learning styles which indicates: (a) that students’ achievement and attitudes improves significantly in reading when they learn to read through their own individual learning styles; (b) that students’ reading style strengths and preferences can develop at various times and rates; (c) that the use of the Learning Style Inventory and Reading Style Inventory are valid, reliable instruments which teachers can use to help in reading instruction (Carbo, 1984).
According to the Carbo, research in reading and learning can be assessed into five categories which include: environmental preferences, perceptual strengths preferences, perceptual development, comparisons across grade levels, and comparisons across achievement levels. The environmental preferences, refers to how the am...

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...environment and a balance of whole language and phonics to build upon.

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