The Theoretical Definitions Of Management Essay examples

The Theoretical Definitions Of Management Essay examples

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Management is the process of organizing and coordinating the activities of a business with a specific end goal to accomplish defined objectives. It is frequently included as a variable of creation alongside machines, materials, and cash. As indicated in Peter Drucker (1909-2005), the essential task of management incorporates both marketing and innovation. A good management is working with the others to achieve task that is beneficial for the organization efficiently. To successfully manage the company objectives, a manager should have an ability to plan, organize, coordinate, command and control. The theoretical definitions of management gives an insight to what a manager should be focused on and how they should organize the team and themselves to achieve the objective of the organization. Relating to this, it seems that if work is done in theoretical way, it is very easy for the managers to become an asset for the company. After interviewing a manager from the telecommunication domain, the difference in theoretical and real world of the management in an organization is noticed.

I interviewed Mr. Rahul Kaul who is a technical subject matter expert at Ericsson India Pvt Ltd. I met him in India during my under graduation when I was doing my final year project. I contacted him through the phone and asked for his availability for an interview over skype. He agreed upon it and gave me an insight on the business management and the same time notes were taken. It was a face to face interview and the details he provided me with were very informative about the real work of the managers, the problems they face, and the perfect way to find the solutions to those problems. The notes which I took, I have managed to portray the same in my unde...

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... and even the change in organization whenever it arises, he had a positive approach to it. He mentioned that the good conflicts are generally part of every individual in an organization. However, he mentioned about keeping it limited to professional working which do yield a better solution in some scenarios and should never be taken personally. According to him, the only thing that is constant is a change and it does bring best out of you. Now a day, regular change in an organization has become very common and this helps the organization to keep evolving and being ahead of the race. The worst part of a change in the organization is the period wherein people have uncertainty about their future roles and responsibilities. The best way to handle a change in an organization as a manager would be transparent to your team members and try to give as much clarity as you can.

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