Theodore Roosevelt, The Greatest President Of The 17th And 18th Century Essay

Theodore Roosevelt, The Greatest President Of The 17th And 18th Century Essay

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With the congressional approval ratings tanking at 14 percent and as the general view of Democracy grows gloomier, a light beacons from the past. Theodore Roosevelt is this light, and in my opinion he is the greatest president of the 17th and 18th century because he encapsulated what it meant to be American while he served with distinction in all parts of his life; especially his two terms as president.
During his first major office as commissioner of police in New York he was told by the former commissioner, Thomas F. Byrnes who was incredibly corrupted told Theodore that “It will break you. You will yield. You are but human.” This never happened though because Roosevelt proved to be an immovable moralist. He brought the police force back from the brink by ensuring that the corruption was eradicated throughout the levels of the department by keeping a close watch over each member with his own eyes. He often walked the beats of police officers checking up on them and making sure that they were not taking bribes or sleeping on the job. Roosevelt’s morals, work ethic and commitment to cleaning up New York led him in his short career as commissioner to befriend Jacob Riis, a noted muck raking journalist , and he asked Riis to show him everything about the night life of New York city so that Roosevelt could more effectively fight crime. Together Theodore Roosevelt and Jacob Riis would lead police raids on brothels and bars that served children under the age of 10 alcohol. Not only did Riis and Roosevelt scour the night, but they also met many immigrant families and this lead Roosevelt to soften his Knickerbocker nativist views on the poor immigrants, and changed him into a man of the people.
After his two years as commissioner h...

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...conservation. In his second term he established the National Forest Service, and made the Grand Canyon along with various other places of a natural beauty National parks. He brokers peace between the Japanese and the Russians in the Russo-Japanese war and later wins the Nobel Peace prize. He signs the Meat Inspection Act and the Pure Food and Drug Act during his second term.
The reasons above show that Theodore Roosevelt was the best president the United States has ever had. He was a man who truly cared about making people’s lives better and serving the best he could. His courage, morals, and tolerance carried him throughout his life like no other president. Also his work in conservation saved countless natural wonders for future generations to enjoy. For all these reasons and more Theodore Roosevelt was and will forever be the greatest president we have ever had.

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