Essay on Themes and Ideas in the Book of Daniel

Essay on Themes and Ideas in the Book of Daniel

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The book of Daniel is written by the fearless prophet Daniel in about 530 BC in Cyrus’ ninth year. The genre of Daniel is Narrative History, Prophetic Oracles, and it also contains some Apocalyptic material. Some of the major themes and ideas in the book of Daniel are humility, our ability to resist, embracing work beyond our own power, following God, being prepared, and the importance of prayer. Humility is a very important key to a good, sturdy, and strong relationship with the God and the other people involved in our lives (Daniel 1:11-14; 2:27). The ability to resist presented in Daniel shows us that we need to resist conforming into culture because at times culture disrupts God’s designs for us as His children (Daniel 1:8). Embracing work beyond our own power and ability is what God initially calls us to do. He calls us to go outside our personal comfort zone and embrace the work He has placed in our lives and accomplish it to the best of our abilities (Daniel 2:24). Following God is a huge concept not only in Daniel, but everywhere. Daniel is a fearless that follows His one true God no matter what temptation or suffering he is faced with (Daniel 1:9; 2:48; 6:16). Being prepared is very important because we need to be ready to place our trust in God and stand up for what we believe in situations that will test our faith (Daniel 1:16-18; 4:27; 7:21). The importance of prayer should not be under estimated because prayer is an essential practice for working in God’s kingdom faithfully (Daniel 9:3-46:10).
The main events in the book of Daniel are all very important and well known Bible stories. These stories include Daniel and the lions den and the story of Daniel, Shradrach, Meshach, and Abednego being held as prisoners in Bab...

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...As Daniel connects to the New Testament and the Bible as a whole, I want to be able to connect each passage and message I hear and learn to the big picture of the whole Bible. For example, if a nonbeliever is asking me how a certain story or passage is relevant to whole Bible I want to know the answer and have evidence to back my answer up. I learned a lot from the book of Daniel, but the three biggest things I learned personally were that Daniel’s name means “God is my Judge”, the book of Daniel has so many connections to the New Testament, especially Revelation, and that Daniel and John both saw the same vision of the beast with ten horns symbolizing the ten kingdoms. I learned a lot from the book of Daniel educationally and I also learned a lot from the prophet Daniel and what he did because I can apply it to my own life and that’s exactly what God call me to do.

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