Essay on The Experience of Immigrants in the United States

Essay on The Experience of Immigrants in the United States

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The Experience of Immigrants in the United States
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The United States has been a host to a wide diaspora of people. Immigrants have had to transition from their familiar land to a new-fashioned foreign land that they must consider home. They bring with them the essence of their initial homeland such as customs, traditions and beliefs that inadvertently change the dynamics of culture within the United States. As a result the United States is an extremely culturally diverse nation. The continual changes or accretions that Americans encounter have always been a controversial topic depending on the experiences of individuals and communities that have immigrant populations. This essay will critically explore the impact that American culture has on immigrants within the United States through an in-depth look at cultural transition, homeland relocation stresses and modes of adjustment.

Moving from a house, neighborhood, city or state is often difficult for a number of personal reasons. A piece of a person’s history, family, or memories are going to become extremely precious because of the transition of moving. Now imagine moving to another country without knowing the language, customs and life pace, among other considerations. This is a situation that occurs very frequently for some individuals that find moving the better option. The reasons for such a drastic move are numerous but no less difficult. Refugees seeking political asylum or more work opportunities are only two reasons for moving, however, there a hundreds more.

Moreover, immigrants that relocate to the United States don’t find instant comfort and community. Rather, they feel misplaced; like outsiders. Immigrants must become ac...

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...propaganda that is blasted everywhere they create a place for themselves in America and achieve their American Dream. Communities, stores, schools, and places of worship have become part of both their culture and the American culture. Future immigrants have neighborhoods that make them feel more at ease due to the diversity that immigrants bring.

In conclusion the impact that America has had on immigrant individuals and families is an array of experiences and changes that have been both positive and negative. However, immigrants bring with them not only new practices and beliefs but also a type of change that helps all individuals tap into untouched personal resources. For example, in Wisconsin Americans started programs to help to the Hmong transition and the Hmong broke the homogeneity and incorporated new perspectives in to the way of life in Wisconsin.

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