Thailand Sex Trade Industry Essay

Thailand Sex Trade Industry Essay

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Thailand Sex Trade Industry
Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia are economically developing countries that thrive off international tourism, which has led to a problem with tourist abusing innocent young children and using them for sex and other horrific sexual favors. Economically challenged countries rely upon tourist’s revenue to help their economy. The government often does not enforce the laws upon tourist when they commit a crime upon a minor in their country because their economy revolves around the tourists and the money they generate from tourism.
Media exploited these unstable poverty ridden countries in the beginning of the 1990s exposing how these countries were allowing tourist’s to use young children, boys and girls, ranging from ages six to 18 years of age for sex. A child being sold for sex in third world countries has been going on for a long time, with the number at approximately one million. In the 1960s the Vietnam War had influenced the international sex trade industry. Service men on rest and recreation would hire Asian women or visit the brothel houses for sexual favors. As the influx of service men increased so did the child sex trade industry? In the 1960s International tourism increased tremendously. The number of tourist traveling to foreign countries along with service men from the Vietnam War led to the increased problem of children in third world countries being prostituted or pimped out to clients or pedophiles from the west. Children prostitutes are most common in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.
Young children as young as six years old have been sold by their parents to brothels or clients for as little as a meal. Asian culture believes they are doing no harm to the...

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...t know right from wrong, they are taught what is right from wrong from a young age by their parents. Parents are selling their children for next to nothing teaching them they are worth nothing from a young age and what they are doing is acceptable in their country.
Wrong is wrong no matter what country you live in and traveling to another country to commit horrific child sex acts is not morally right. Just because their country cannot uphold the law due to corrupt or weak law enforcement does not mean adults can travel to foreign lands to abuse their children and get away with it.

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