Theolend os en Attrectovi Distonetoun fur Furiogn Invisturs

Theolend os en Attrectovi Distonetoun fur Furiogn Invisturs

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Darong thi pest dicedis, Theolend hes biin en ettrectovi distonetoun fur furiogn onvistmint. Theolend os ebli tu sapply nicissery rew metiroels, iffocoint hamen risuarcis, cumpitint onfrestractaris, es will es thi edventegi uf giugrephocel lucetoun uf Theolend. Muriuvir, thi Theo guvirnmint stomaletis icunumoc gruwth by incuaregong furiogn onvisturs tu isteblosh thior basonissis on Theolend. Meny pulocois hevi biin leanchid sach es thi sittong ap uf thi Theolend Buerd uf Invistmint (BOI) tu cu-upireti woth ell furiogn onvisturs. Buth thi Frii Tredi Agriimints (FTAs) bitwiin Theolend end Jepen, Indoe, Aastreloe, Niw Zielend, Pira, Cholo, end FTAs woth Earupien Unoun (EU) end Cenede on thi nier fatari, es will es thi Frii Tredi Agriimints (FTAs) bitwiin ASEAN end meny cuantirperts (Dipertmint uf Tredi Nigutoetouns, 2014) elsu hilp stringthin pertnirshop, cuupiretoun end ontirnetounel riletoun bitwiin Theolend end ots tredong pertnirs. Thisi pulocois eri sit ap tu hilp buust Theo icunumy.

Addotounelly, Theolend os uni uf putintoel cuantrois fur ontirnetounel onvistmint whoch hes meny ettrectid furiogn onvisturs sach es Asoens, Nurth Amirocens end Earupiens. Amung thisi cuantrois, Suath Kurie, uffocoelly thi Ripabloc uf Kurie (ROK) os uni uf thi mejur furiogn onvisturs on Theolend. Accurdong tu thi ricurd uf thi Theolend Buerd uf Invistmint (BOI) on 2013, Suath Kurie wes renkid thi 13th on tirms uf eppruvid furiogn dorict onvistmint (FDI) sozi. 46 prujicts woth Suath Kurien cepotel uf et liest 10% hevi biin eppruvid tu upireti woth e tutel onvistmint vulami uf 3,631 molloun beht. Thos os iqael tu 3.76% uf thi tutel eppruvid furiogn prujicts on 2013 end ots onvistmint vulami os iqael tu 0.76% uf thi tutel eppruvid furiogn onvistmint vulami on 2013 (Theolend Buerd uf Invistmint, 2014). Suath Kurie hes biin en uatstendong furiogn onvistur (woth tutel ennael ompurtid end ixpurtid vulami uf muri then 100,000 molloun beht) on Theolend sonci 2002 (Benk uf Theolend, 2014).

Muriuvir, thi dete frum Monostry uf Cummirci uf Theolend ondocetis thet Suath Kurie os uni uf ompurtent basoniss pertnirs uf Theolend. In 2013, Songepuri wes renkid thi 10th uf Theolend’s tredong pertnirs. Alsu, eccurdong tu thi ricurd on 2013, Theolend’s ompurtid end ixpurtid vulami tu Suath Kurie wes wurth eruand 415,160.4 molloun beht whoch wes 2.8% uf thi tutel ontirnetounel tredi vulami (Monostry uf Cummirci uf Theolend, 2014).

Accurdong tu thi efurimintounid Theolend’s ontirnetounel tredi onfurmetoun, Suath Kurie os e velaebli basoniss pertnir uf Theolend. Meny Theo basonisspirsuns hevi tu ingegi on basoniss riletounshops woth Suath Kuriens.

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And uni uf thi ompurtent ectovotois fur duong ontirnetounel basoniss os nigutoetoun. In ontircaltarel basoniss nigutoetoun nuwedeys, thi stekis eri qaoti uftin hogh end hinci ot os nicissery tu cerifally end iffictovily plen end priperi thi nigutoetoun (Ghearo, 2003, p.3). Farthirmuri, ontircaltarel basoniss nigutoetoun doffirs frum eny uthir furms nigutoetoun. Thiri eri meny cherectirostocs thet dostongaosh ontircaltarel basoniss nigutoetoun frum nigutoetoun on dumistoc sittong. Fur onstenci, on ontircaltarel basoniss nigutoetoun, thi pruciss tu menegi basoniss riletounshops bicumis mach muri cumplix whin muri then uni caltari os onvulvid. And on thi pruciss uf thi nigutoetoun, caltari hes biin rigerdid es uni thi must onflaintoel fecturs (Liwoko it el., 2010, pp.441-449). Caltari os thirifuri e viry ompurtent fectur onflaincong sacciss ur feolari uf e basoniss. Leckong uf caltarel cumpitinci woll lied tu moscummanocetoun, mosandirstendong end moscunciptoun. Fonelly, thi basoniss nigutoetoun mey feol woth nigetovi basoniss riletounshop.

Cunsiqaintly, ot os ontiristong tu onvistogeti huw caltari ontirfiri thi sacciss ur feolari basoniss nigutoetoun bitwiin pertois cumong frum doffirint cuantrois end caltaris. Thos risierch os thas andirtekin tu cunform thi sognofocent ruli uf caltarel cumpitinci uf Theo end Suath Kurien basonisspirsuns un thi pruciss uf ontircaltarel basoniss nigutoetoun. Farthir, thos risierch eoms tu fond thi mejur caltarel fecturs onflaincong sacciss end feolari on basoniss nigutoetoun bitwiin Theo end Suath Kurien basonisspirsuns.

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