Essay about Texting And Driving : The Death Of The Car

Essay about Texting And Driving : The Death Of The Car

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Nearly twenty-five percent of all accidents are caused by texting and driving. Everyday the number of cellphone users rises, and with that comes an increasing amount of accidents caused by texting and driving. It causes almost eleven teen deaths every day. Writing about her son, John Breen, a mother says, “He was willing to sacrifice his life for our country. It wasn’t war that took JB from us. It wasn’t a bullet or a bomb. It was a text message sent on a little 2” x 4” box that ended his life on a beautiful Sunday afternoon”(DWI:Driving While Intexticated). JB’s mom goes on to discuss the fact JB thought he was invincible and did not listen to his father, only hours before the accident, when he told him to put the phone down because it was controlling his life. JB was texting a friend than lost control of the car, and veered off the road. He was ejected from the car, and died from a massive skull fracture. One text left his family and friends without their loved one, and his two year old daughter without her father. Clearly, texting and driving is a problem that needs to be solved.
Among the many causes of accidents involving texting and driving is the idea that people feel the need to reply to texts right away. When people hear their phone ding, they immediately have the urge to see what is going on. “Seventy-seven percent of teens say they are more than confident”, and they think they are able to safely text while driving. “Fifty-five percent of young adult drivers say it is really easy to text and drive”(, and they do not understand why it is such a big problem to do so. Teenagers are not the only ones who take part in the act of texting and driving, many teens have said they see their parents do it. ...

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... lives of others forever.
Some people say one text will not hurt. But studies show these people are wrong. The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found that, “ text messaging creates a crash risk 23 times worse than driving while not distracted.” Texting and driving is a very serious on going issue. One text can hurt. It has the power to take a life. Lets lower the percent of accidents caused by texting and driving. Let your friends know you are getting in the car, and are going to be temporarily unavailable. They will understand. Learn from the stories. Learn from the people who have done it, and payed the price for it. This issue should be taken seriously. Too many innocent lives have been lost all because one person could not resist seeing what their friend said. Put down the phone, and keep your eyes on the road at all times. One text can wait.

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