The Texas State University School Of Music Essay

The Texas State University School Of Music Essay

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The Texas State University School of Music presented a beautiful piece called the, “Chamber Music for fall”, at the Performing Arts Center Recital Hall in San Marcos. This professional classical music concert was performed the evening of Wednesday, October 7th at 8 p.m. and was directed by Ian Davidson. Ian, who played the oboe, along with other performers (Daris Hale, bassoon; Ayren Huslig, harp; Kyung-Ae Lee, piano; Paula Bird, violin; Ames Asbell, viola; and Karla Hamelin, cello) presented this album of five pieces to bring great examples of classical music for the young audience of Texas State students to appreciate and experience the movement of this enlightenment period.
Finding a spot to sit was definitely not easy. Jules, Ivanna, and I almost had to sit separately from one another for almost all the seats were full twenty minutes prior to the show even started. Eighty percent of the audience was all young college students and the few older people that attended seemed to be sitting on the sides of the balcony. I assume the elders who were really there to truly enjoy the music, knew to get there much earlier than rest of the crowd to get a good spot. As we entered the auditorium the first thing that caught my eye was the spaciousness. This was not what I thought to expect when first going in, but after Davidson and Professor Hale played the first piece I immediately knew why. The long wide and spacious wooden paneling behind the performers created a type of openness and ambiance that allowed me too to solely get lost in the classical music and just do nothing more but appreciate the art of it.
I felt so out of place walking in and even during the first half of the performance simply because I was the only that had a bi...

... middle of paper ...

...reciate until I really caught onto the concept.
All in all, I wish my parents enjoyed classical music more and going to symphonies so they could have dragged me there when I was younger to discover that I actually truly and genuinely enjoy listening to this particular genre. Going to listen and watch the Texas State School of Music perform allowed more to explore a new type of soothing and mellow music I never really did once appreciate. I would most definitely return back and go to another classical music concert if I had the opportunity too. The experience I had was well worth the time out on a busy school week and the overall ambiance and atmosphere throughout the whole performance combined with the truly moving pieces that were played gave me an overwhelming emotion. The diverse pieces of work, in a sense made me feel smarter, and the certain emotions felt from

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