The Testing Of A Superintendent Essay

The Testing Of A Superintendent Essay

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I remember very well what drove me to take the tests required to become a superintendent. The memory is still so vivid it feels like it happened just yesterday.
16 years ago, I was an English teacher handling first year students whose reading levels are Grade 2, most of them Grade 3 and 4, and some were Grade 5. Using Fry Graph readability formula, I was stunned to discover that the Department of Education textbooks we were using were appropriate for 3rd year students! No wonder they were reading the way they did. Some omit letters or words as they read. Some add letters, some invert words, but the worst thing is, of my 54 students, NOBODY could understand the stories we were reading. So I was teaching 1st year students whose reading ability was Grade 3, using English books suitable for 3rd year students. But for me then, what was worse was realizing that nobody seems to have noticed that there is something wrong. The teaching goes on, expensive trainings are held (the kind of which do not address the real cause of the dismal performance of students, nor the dismal way our teachers teach), and graduates are handed diplomas, year after year, after year.
One of my mentors told me that if I wanted to change the system, I must not go out and throw stones at the system. I must go higher where I can effect change. So I applied and became an English Supervisor in 2008. It was at that time that I discovered that the reason why the high school students read the way they did was because they have not mastered the basic reading skills in the elementary grades. And the reason why they have not mastered them in the elementary grades was because a lot of our Grade 1 teachers DO NOT KNOW how to teach beginning reading.
When DepEd introduced t...

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I used to say, “I know where to go, I know what the needed changes are. I just don’t know how to get there. But now I know, and I will.


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Post published by Melanie Greenberg Ph.D. on Apr 06, 2012 in The Mindful Self-Express

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