Essay on Terrorism: Will We Ever Be Able to Defeat It?

Essay on Terrorism: Will We Ever Be Able to Defeat It?

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Terrorism: Will We Ever Be Able to Defeat It?
Terrorism is not necessarily a new phenomenon and it will never be removed from society. Terrorism has been defined as a application of violence or threatened violence intended to panic society, to weaken or overthrow incumbents, or to bring political change. There will continue to be minority or oppressed (or perceived oppressed) people or groups will continue to believe that terrorism is the only solution to their problems. (1) (2) (3)
Early precedents of history of terrorism go back to the Sicari, an extremist Jewish faction during the Roman occupation of Palestine in 73 CE. The commander of the Sicari led the communal suicide of the mountainous fortress Masada on the shore of the Dead Sea. Instead of giving themselves up to slavery of the victorious Roman forces over 960 Jewish men, women, and children chose suicide. (1)
The divide between the Islamic sects of Sunni and the Shia, is based on who can become the Prophet’s successor. This goes back to the early days of Islam. In 680 CE, Husayn, direct descendent of the Prophet, led himself and his partisans against 10,000 Sunni military forces near the modern day city of Karbala, Iraq. (1)
During the 11th and 13th centuries, the Assassins (Hashashins or hashish users), Shi’ite sect, performed suicide missions to spread Islam throughout Northern Persia. The Assassins were guaranteed paradise for their sacrifice. The perpetrators gave themselves up for capture and death to show the purity of their motives, dying for Allah and thereby assuring entry to heaven. (1)
In India, a late medieval, religious, and xenophobic sect called Thuggees terrorized and strangled large number of wealthy travelers as sacrifice to...

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...eir beliefs. Bin Laden has proved to most Muslims that he is able to fight and restore the Muslim world to its old prominence. Dead or alive Bin Laden will remain one of the more historic figures of our time. (4)
It will be a long time before we are free of the terrorist threat. To the terrorist, he/she is a revolutionary that has not hijacked their religion. The terrorist is not a common follower of Islam rather he is a Islamic purist who is following passionately the Prophet. The terrorist is seeking to restore the prominence of Islam, and to bring the entire world under Islam. The resentment of the past, real or not, ensures that the terrorist has a sympathetic audience. The terrorist will gain paradise and he/she will not compromise. For these reasons, terrorism will continue to curse our society. (4)

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