Essay about Terrorism Is A Threat Of Terrorism

Essay about Terrorism Is A Threat Of Terrorism

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Terrorism is a strategic violence or acts against civilians for certain parties to attain ideological, political or religious goals. The term refers to unlawful use of violence or force against property or people in the effort of coercing the government or civilians to meet their political or social goals (Kellner, 2015a). Terrorism is one of the most challenging issues facing the world as dissatisfaction and objectives are changing every day in various regions. Technology and modernity have fastened the spread of terrorism globally thus emerging as a world number challenge. Currently the world is experiencing a growth and expansion of terrorists groups in various parts of the world focused to meet their goals through violence in coercing government or civilians to settle their goals (Menkhaus, 2013).
Causes of Terrorism
Discrimination is one of the causes of terrorism majorly for those living in Diaspora more especially in the United States and Europe. These groups of people will feel alienated from what they may feel as their political or social right in a given state and the state of isolation drive them to terrorist acts (Coady, 2004). The state of alienation force people to look for other people of the same cultures to seek solution to such discriminating growing sentiments of discrimination can lead to these groups for more conservations and this will eventually lead to the development of extremist ideologies. It explains why expatriates in Europe were radicalized through systems of discrimination and can spread terrorism ideology in many parts of the world since they have valid travel visas (Cole, 2003).
Many people believe that religion is the main cause of terrorism in many parts of the world. Although
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...rnment should ensure equitable distribution of resource and other critical aspects of the society to reduce discriminations that can lead to extremist actions (Cole, 2003).
Terrorism is an act of violence from a certain group of people focused on meeting certain political, ideological and religious goals in the society. The acts of terrorists are to coerce and force the government to institute certain actions considered important to the groups. Terrorism is one of the major challenges that are facing the world regarding productivity and efficient distribution of resources (Menkhaus, 2013). Discrimination and dictatorial government are some of the major causes of terrorism in domestic and global context. The government ad all stakeholders should join hands in combating terrorism since it is social, political as well as religious in nature (Kellner, 2015b).

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