Telecommunications Industry Environment Analysis Essay example

Telecommunications Industry Environment Analysis Essay example

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Telecommunications Industry Environment Analysis

Business Brief

Telecommunication is basically any communication over a distance, either via telephone, wireless network, computer network, radio or other means-but conventionally it has been used for telephone service. One of the most advanced forms of telecommunication has been the Wireless Telecommunication; where the information flows between two or more points that are not connected via an electrical conductor. The emergence of wireless telecommunications has made communications across continents almost instantaneous; which seemed practically impossible just a few decades ago.

Orientation to the Telecommunications Industry

Out of all the telecommunications options available, the mobile phone, also known as a cellular phone has been the most popular, with more than 4.6 billion mobile cellular subscriptions all over the world as of the end of 2012. According to the estimates from industry group CTIA - The Wireless Association; the wireless penetration in America has been steadily rising since its introduction and was approximately 104.0% by the end of October 2013. Marked by exponential growth in demand for wireless services and consolidation of the economy, wireless telecommunication services haven, stirred up the telephone industry.

The breakthrough in the modern Telecommunication Industry, i.e., Wireless Telecom providers occurred in the early 1980’s with the emergence of companies like AT&T in the USA. With this, the long distance market was open for business expansion almost immediately, but the traditional companies which operated the plain old telephone service (wire line telephone service) tried very hard to prevent these companies from entering the mar...

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