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Teen suicide is the most preventable that cause teen to end their live in United States. Suicide means to kill oneself, it comes from a Latin root word sui, "self", and caedere, "to kill". It means many things to different people: tragic, shocking, horrifying, enraging, mysterious, a relief, shameful and many other meanings. When one suicide is attempted again by another suicide is called suicide cluster. Suicide can happen to anyone near you and not realizing it. Although depression is the most common cause of teen suicide, we support and help teens with suicidal thoughts and feelings, so for teen who wants to recover from suicide, teens have access to mental health service treatments.
In ancient times, suicide was seen as a way to die for someone who is suffering; emotionally or physically. First person to argue the principles between right and wrong of suicide was a Greek philosopher, Socrates. Socrates believed that suicide is wrong and humans should cherish their life. He thought that humans have no right of taking a given life. Another Greek leader believed that human have every right of taking their life if they are not happy. People were not judged for taking their lives.
During the early years, Christians chose to commit suicide over the hard life of religion mistreatment. The number of Christian suicide was so high that Jewish leaders refuse to give grief to one whom died. This led to Judeo-Christian culture. Then after first-church decided to not to allow Christian bodies be buried in holly ground. Christians thought that this action is betrayal of Jesus. First Christian to announce declare that suicide is wrong and evil was St. Augustine in the 4th century. The commit of suicide by Christians were shame and fear and it lasted for nine decades.
Finally in 13th century, Thomas Aquinas announced that the church officials were against suicide. He told that suicide is against God and it is a wrongdoing that cannot be repeated. In Middle Ages, suicide became a law that is against for people to commit and if they do they their body will be displayed for whole city to see. People who commit suicide will not get a proper burial and that their body would be dragged though streets, their head would be placed on a pole and their body will be thrown away for animals or buried at the side of a street as a show of disgrace and shame.

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Their property would be taken away as well as their families. People who attempts suicide would get arrested, publicly shamed or be sentence to death.
During Middle Ages, suicide was a serious matter and they didn't want anyone or attempt to kill themselves. The suicide is an issue that cannot be forgotten. During 1600's, Shakespeare had brought up suicide in his works in theater. Shakespeare had reflected suicide as depression, escape and forgetting the pain of the lost love one. In 1608, an English poet John Donne used many methods to defend Christian. French philosophers, Montesquieu and Voltaire, both argued that every individual have right to choose suicide.
Over the past years, teen suicides have increased tremendously. Suicide rates for males are much higher than females. Since 1950, the suicide rate for males has quadrupled and for females has doubled in between ages 15 to 24 year olds.
Teen suicide has been increases in past years. From1952 to 1995, the attempt of suicide “nearly tripled. From 1980 to 1997, the rate of suicide among” people from age 15-19 increased 11% and between age 10-14 by 109%. Teen suicides are more likely to die from suicide than other medical problems out there (cancer, HIV, AIDs, skin cancer and etc). More than 5 thousand people die between the age of 15-24 by committing suicide and 1.2 million teens attempt suicide each year. In 2005, 15 to 24 year old young adults who committed suicide were 4,212 and all 32,637 people completed suicide who weren't young adults.
The suicide attempt of high school students are 14.5%. Since 2003, the suicide attempts have decreased from 16.9% to 14.5% from 2003 to 2007. 28.5% of all students felt depressed and hopeless that they stop participating at the usual activity for almost 2 weeks. 14.5% of all students have thought about attempting suicide. Suicidal thoughts were significantly more common among females 18.7% than males 10.3%. Tenth grade females 22% and Hispanic females 21.1% reported the highest rates. 11.3% of all students made a suicide plan. Suicide plans were most common among tenth grade females 16.1% and Hispanic females 15.2%. 7% of all students had attempted suicide at least once, with the highest rate among Hispanic females at 14%. Nearly, 2 percent of all students attempted a suicide that led them in nurse or doctor office, Hispanic females at 4%.
The suicide leading for young people is the 3rd leading in U.S and teens commit suicide of health problem they have going on in their family and/or community. The relationship of child-abuse, bullying, cyber bullying, and youth suicidal behavior can cause from teen to commit suicide. Also the age and gender is very common to teens to commit suicide.
There are several reasons for teens to commit suicide. There are some factors teens go through when they are about to commit suicide. These factors are alcohol and drug use, feeling hopeless and or worthless, family factors, death, divorce, family history of suicide, emotionally, physical, or sexual abuse, sexual orientation, bullying, or cyber bullying. Due to many hormonal changes and impacts from his or her environments, teens get depressed. And when teen gets depressed, they will find a way to end the pain they are feeling, that’s taking their lives.
PhD researchers found that “Young people with mental health problem-such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, or insomnia are at higher risk for suicidal thoughts.”(Nock and New 2). Teens with mental health problem can affect in suicide. Also teens that go through difficult major life change in their life have greater risk of suicidal thoughts.
There are some warning signs that teens hint when they are about to commit suicide. They might take about death and suicide, give some hint that they won’t be around much longer or that you don’t have to worry about him or her, they tend to separate themselves from friends and family, change in mood or attitude, they will write songs, poems, music about their feelings about depression, and they lose interest in school or activities. Teens who might be thinking of suicide are uncomfortable talking about death, so if teens give these warning signs, it will be the best to talk to them.
Gun are the number one weapon for teens to use “The risk of suicide increases dramatically when kids and teens have access to firearms at home, and nearly 60% of all suicides in the United States are committed with a gun.” (Nock and New 1). Because United States are common for owning guns in their home it can be deadly weapon. Also teens have access to prescription, medication and it is also a very common method for both attempting and committing suicide. And we should also be aware of different methods and ways teens will try to get these medications and overdose them. Teen suicide can be difficult to handle, teens who usually commit suicide have went/go through complex challenges. Teen suicide has increased tremendously in the past decades.
The most common way of committing suicide is using gun. Guns used 53.7% in U.S. when committing suicide. The most common way they target the gun to commit suicide is through the head to the brain or the heart. Or sometimes the attempt is made to shoot under the chin and through the mouth.
Another way of suicide attempts is by taking too much drugs and alcohol. It is usually trying to mix different types of medication together. Most teens who go through suicide usually hang themselves because its much less painful. The method of the suicide is 75% effective. There are two main methods of hanging: Short Drop Suspension and Drop Hanging.
Another common suicide method is poisoning and the popular choices are cleaning products. Bleach can kill people instantly if they consumed enough. It’s more painful method so people throw themselves through sheet of glass end the pain faster. It begins with damaging the throat, then goes to stomach, and finally travels to other internal organs. It causes stomach pain, and vomiting. Suicide through poisoning is very ill.
Carbon Monoxide (CO) inhalation is for a person to surround themselves within a space with a car. People suffocate themselves in a car while the engine is running. People chose an older car to end their lives in as newer cars are designed to produce much smaller amount of CO. People who have survived this method have usually been left with memory loss, mental illness or blindness.
This method is less painful and much faster according to 2007 study involving right-to-die groups. Suffocating is done by plastic bags with string attach to it, at the end. Combined with a gas such as nitrogen or helium because the cause of pain of suffocating is avoided.
Jumping involves from a great height such as building roofs, balconies, and cliff. Jumping will result to broken bones in numerous places, and other terrible injuries. In 2005, jumping from a height reported for 2% but in Honk Kong it resulted for 52.1% in 2006.
The most common way of cutting is by the forearm. By cutting the firearm will reduce the blood volume and pressure to death. Cutting is not easy as it seems, you have to find the right artery. Artery is the main part of the circulation of the blood and it you cut the artery you will lose a lot of blood. The survivals of the cutting often have deep scar, damage tissue and sometimes brain damage.
The electric shock can slow the heart or stop the blood flow. This is not very common, it is barely use by suicide victims. When the victim survivor fails to attempt the method, it results in severe burns and nerve damage.
Another less common suicide method is drowning; it is less than 2%. Most popular choices of places to drown in are baths, lakes and oceans. Before death, the central nervous system (CNS) begins with muscles, creating jerking and twitching. It can cause brain damage if failure occurs.
Pesticides are used to kill pests. The use of pesticides and weed killer reports for over 30% of suicide. It is the most common suicide of all. In Finland, the uses of pesticides are favorite in the 1950's even though the access to chemical products was banned. It can cause life-long effects of the body's internal organs.
Freezing can take up some time because it involves a very cold and very slow death. When freezing to death a person ay experience shivering, hallucination, loss of coordination, a warm sensation, and then death. Even though the person organs “have shut down, the brain can still be kept alive” through clinical stimulation and medical support.
Even when there is hundreds and millions of teen who are suffering from depression and ending their lives, there is no law against teen suicide here in United States, Because United States believes in individual rights, it is not anyone’s decision but the one who is about to make his or her choice. Different countries other than United States have laws. It is only a handful of countries that allow help on specific law.
The suicide rates have increased among race and sexual concepts. Between 1980 and 1995, the suicide rate among black teens doubled between the age of 15-19. One-fourth of all teen suicide victims are Hispanic Americans. It is also higher rates among gay and lesbians are 20-39%.
The suicidal-related behaviors have increased with age and gender. Suicidal rates are higher among boys than girls. Girls have think about and attempted suicide twice as more as boys but boys have died by suicide about four times as often as girls. Girls have done it by overdosing or cutting while boys have done it with more dangerous ways such as using weapons, hanging and jumping from heights.
No music can lead teens to end their lives but when a friend or your child is constantly listening to suicide kind of music then there is a change that he or she is taking about suicide. Teen tend to commit suicide on either Mondays or Fridays because those are the days the victim feel loneliest. And on Wednesday it is 24.6% and on Thursday is 11.1%. In United States, every 2 hours and 11 minutes someone under 25 commit suicide. Teens commit suicide when they are depression or of different kind bullying. Many prescription medications have side effects that include depression, impulse, behavior, and suicidal thinking, as well as other side effect that will put young adults at risk of suicide. Alcohol has a major factor on suicide. Suicide attempts are linked with alcohol. More than half of the young people who attempt or complete suicide have been drinking most often.
Suicide is an important issue that needs to be prevented in United State and all those others countries. Teen who feels like committing suicide are the ones that are hurting the most when they are talking about suicide, don’t just ignore them, they need someone to love them, care for them because they feel worthless, powerless, and helpless. Some adults feel when teens talk about killing or going to hurt themselves are doing it to ”just to get attention”. It is important that when teens feel ignored when looking for help, it might increase the change of hurting themselves or even death.
It is very important to keep the communication open and express your support, concern, and love to teen that are going through suicide. There are some factors that protect teens from suicide and they are mental health services, family and community support, therapy treatments and there are some more help lines.
In conclusion, teen suicide is a major problem in our society today because it will completely devastate anyone close to you not to mention more teens are dying from suicide than other leading diseases and virus that exist in our world today. Although most teen die from depression, it is safe to act before to support and love, so one solution that can protect teens from suicide might be for them to go to mental health service.

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