Essay Teen Pregnancy - Yes, It Is a Actual Thing!

Essay Teen Pregnancy - Yes, It Is a Actual Thing!

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Ever heard of teen pregnancy? Well guess what its an actual thing. Teen Pregnancy can happen to anyone no matter who you are. Some of us may have heard of the horror story like the 2008 Gloucester High School pregnancy pact, where 17 girls agreed to get pregnant together. Yeah, I know thats a real scare right. You have to think about why would girls agree to get pregnant? It seems ridicoulous to want to just throw away your teenage years on purpose. This could have happened because they weren’t educated enough about the issues of teen pregnancy. That is why we have to give out information about this. We need to bring awareness to teenagers about teen pregnancy before its too late.

Effects on a teen who may become pregnant can range from different issues. Of course it affects the teen, but remember this can cause issues with family, and school. I mean having a baby can be very costly, but having one at a young age when you haven’t gotten your own life together can be even more of a struggle. Be honest, we mostly are dependant on our parents for money, but if you get pregnant your parents want you to be responsible and help out. You also have to consider your education at the same time. School can be hard to keep up with, it can be even harder with having a little infant to worry about. That is why it is estimated teen pregnancy”s are leading reason young girls drop out of school. Less than half the girls graduate from high school. There is fewer than 2% that will graduate from college.
Im sure we’ve all heard of the television shows who talk about teen pregnancy. MTV documents a show called 16 and pregnant, which explores the lives of different young girls in their early life of pregnancy. As well as this show MTV made a spino...

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... Still the case is that 3 in 10 girls in the US will become pregnant before the age of 20. That 1,100 teen girls will give birth each day. The United States has a much higher teen pregnancy rate than trading partners and the competitors. Policy makers strive to reduce public spending while also trying to regain strength in the economy. That is why it its important to stay focused on preventing unplanned and teen pregnancy.
Teenagers have to be knowledged about the bad things that can result from teen pregnancy. There are numerous ideas we can do. Schools programs, and organizations can become more involved with prevention. Yes, there is policies like the absinience policy. Thats obviously not enough to help. Even though there is a decline in teen pregnancy in the United States doesn’t mean we can’t keep help preventing. Let’s all bring awareness before its too late.

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