Technology : Smart Phone Addiction Essay

Technology : Smart Phone Addiction Essay

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Smart phone Addiction
Technology creates great opportunities, yet most people can no longer function without a smart phone by their sides at all times. Technology changed how we interact with one another and has conquered the modern world. Technology can be located in the tiny watch around your wrist and allows us to interact with friends and family on screens made up of millions of tiny pixels. It 's a great thing to have during this time of the modern age. Technology is the reason we can travel across continents in a couple days. There is so much gain in technology that has made people 's lives much easier in this world. But there are also many downsides of what technology has done to our world. That is because in the year 1993, a mobile phone with an advanced mobile operating system called “ the smart phone” came out. Since then, these devices have taken over people 's brains and became part of our lives. Because smartphones have taken over our brains and lives, we should stop using smartphones, or at the very least, minimize the usage of smarthphones to only calling when it is required.
In the United States, around 66 percent of the people own a smart phone of some sort. Of those people, 46 percent of them can 't leave their smart phones for a whole day. Smart phones are starting to become an addiction, and nearly half the population needs to have a smart phone in their pocket to make it throughout the day. These devices are beginning to disconnect users from people and the real world. Sure, you can interact with someone on a social network or messaging service, but it is slowly harming our cability to be able to connect and communicate with other people face-to-face. Because of this, phone snubbing became common with smart ...

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...h fools fiddle with when they are around people that they don’t have the courage, or, the intellect, to converse with.” To add to what he saying, smart phones do decrease people 's ability to interact with one another. It also affects your brain function by weakening your ability to think and preserve memory. These devices also take up a huge amount of our day, and can lead to being anti-social and phone snubbing. This is why most people can 't function throughout the day without their phones by their side throughout the day. Smartphones have taken over people 's brains and lives, making them anti-social, decreasing their brain 's power to think and understand, and weakening their brain 's ability to preserve and remember memories. But people can stop this addiction by cutting of the usage of smarthphones, or at the very least use a smarthphone when it is required.

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