Is Technology Making Us Dumb?

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Is Technology Making Us Dumb? There used to be a time where students would have the responsibility of learning the material at hand by using their memories instead of depending on technology. Now, calculators do all the hard math problems, spell check takes care of grammar, and books are becoming fossils because who needs a book for research when you can have a siri? Kids used to be outside everyday playing sports or riding bikes, but now their eyes are attached to their video games, while their butts are glued to the couch. And don`t forget that in order to get a date people actually had to talk to each other face to face instead of relying on internet dating services or apps like Tinder. It`s hard to believe isn`t it? Society has become so dependent on technology that it wouldn`t know how to function without it. So the question at hand is, is smarter technology making us dumber? In this paper, the three perspectives being observed are how technology is depriving society of the ability to be mentally independent, how it is making people incapable to have a physical relationship with each other, and how people are being pushed into having an unhealthy lifestyle because of it. According to John Horvat, an author in The Wall Street Journal, " The proper use of technology is that it should be a means to serve us and make our lives easier. A key requirement is that we should be in control." Although, the problem with today`s society, is that we are not in control. Instead of technology serving us, it is now the other way around. Society has been more dependent on its technology in recent years, than it has ever been in the past. Those who are against the up rise of the technology industries, believe that technology has taken away ... ... middle of paper ... ...r phones update our minds suffer another loss. People are slowly losing their independence to think for themselves and the ability to rely on their own intelligence instead of a computer`s. When this happens, it can endanger the proper development of the personality and hamper the social relationships needed for life together in society. The more we succumb towards technology, the less personality we are capable of retaining. It`s come to the point that the smaller our devices get, the smaller our brains get as well. Technology has vastly improved over just a short amount of time, and societies` dependence on it is strengthened more and more with every day that passes. Yes, it makes life "easier", but the easy way out isn`t always the best way. People don`t just depend on their technology for help anymore. It has come to the point where they depend on it to survive.
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