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Technology Plagiarism Essay

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Plagiarism by Technology
In today's technology driven world, many people are using the internet to fulfill their personal, professional, and educational goals. Technological advances make the internet easily accessible, from a variety of locations, for many people seeking education online. There are many online courses offered and many of the assignments place emphasis on the use of the internet as an information resource. This emphasis can be overwhelming to any student and lead to intentional or unintentional dishonest acts, on behalf of the student, including plagiarism. What is plagiarism? Plagiarism occurs when someone uses someone else's words or ideas and claims them as their own. This is becoming more common in competitive, online classes as students strive for academic success. Students are utilizing technology to commit plagiarism in a variety of ways, ranging from copying files from a friend or online source, to buying a paper online. In the same way that students can use technology to find assignment ideas, there are now tools that help an instructor research if a student's assignment includes plagiarism. Students can use these tools and other resources to help them avoid committing plagiarism, or, unfortunately, in many cases, to avoid being caught committing plagiarism.
Online Schooling
Attending class online is becoming more common every day. People with families and full time jobs have turned to online schooling to continue their education with minimum disruption to other aspects of their life. Online schooling offers a balance between all aspects of a student's life giving the student the capability to attend school while tending to family and career priorities. In the fast paced world of online education, h...

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...ons and damage involved to a person's education and future.

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