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Plagiarism in College: The Obsession to Maintain a High GPA
Every year millions of students enroll in college. Some will give it their all, some will do the best they can and some will try to get out of doing the work required by cheating. The most common form of cheating in college is plagiarism. “Plagiarism is theft: the stealing and appropriating of someone else’s words and ideas and passing them off as your own” (“Preventing Plagiarism”). Due to increasing pressures to excel, students who are motivated by a goal to maintain their GPA because they believe they will obtain a high paying lucrative job once they graduate from college turn to plagiarism as a way to succeed. From the time they take their very first test as children, the …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that plagiarism is the most common form of cheating in college. students who are motivated by a goal to maintain their high gpa turn to plagiarism to succeed.
  • Explains how the importance of grades is stressed to students from the time they take their first test.
  • Explains that students who cheat do not value their educations, they put more value on the grade and what they can attain with it than the actual education.
  • Explains that students are told that their adolescent school years are stepping stones to building their academic success and are constantly reminded of the importance of grades.
  • Explains that 83 percent of students have admitted to cheating, 55% have reported a serious activity, and female students are less likely than male counterparts.
  • Analyzes how a psychology professor at midwestern state university explains internal personal issues related to cheating. the relative immaturity levels of cheaters correlate with their level of moral development.
  • Analyzes how a culture of cheating is prevalent in society today. politicians, businessmen, and athletes cheat to get ahead, their punishment if any tends to be minimal.
  • Explains how students can be deterred from choosing cheating as an option to succeed.
  • Opines that students ignore the consequences of academic dishonesty and cheat to get ahead in a society driven by financial success.
  • Opines that even with harsher punishments, schools can embarrass the cheater by publishing their name or even worse, they can expel them from school, but no program is fool proof.

According to the article “Is Student Plagiarism Increasing”, students still understand that plagiarism is wrong, they say; they are just lazy and choose to plagiarize because they believe they can get away with it.” (“Is Student Plagiarism Increasing?”). Schools can implement harsher punishments for cheating, they can embarrass the cheater by publishing their name or even worse, they can expel them from school but even with those potential consequences, students are still cheating because they are getting away with it. Even with tools used now to catch plagiarism, no program is fool proof. If more than 50% of students admit to cheating but very few get caught, it’s impossible to completely stop students from cheating. While there may be many ways to curb cheating in some students who are mature and focused on their educations and learning the course material, these same methods may not work on a cheater. There is no way to stop a student who cheats, gets away with it and continues to see nothing but success in their education and potentially their

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