Teaching Wise And School Program Wise Essay

Teaching Wise And School Program Wise Essay

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There are more beneficial methods that can be used teaching-wise and school program-wise to help these children gain the best education they can. First off, any teacher willing to take on an emotional disabilities class need to have strong skills with patience and determination. After observing these classrooms, there will be days when the students are ready to get to work and learn and other days when the students are disgruntled and unapproachable. Teachers need to be able to stay firm to their position as teacher, but be patient and willing to take little steps in order to see little accomplishments in the students. The teacher needs to learn about their students. If a teacher knows what interests the student, they can use this to help teach the students academics. If a child is very indifferent about school, trying to build a lesson around something that will catch their attention will help the students to gain interests in their work. Another skill that teachers need to have is passion in the population they are teaching. It is very easy to become burnt-out working with this population. Teachers go into school unknowing of whether it is going to be a successful day or an exhausting day. Teachers that work with emotional behavioral disabilities need to have passion in what they do. They need to be hardworking and determined. If the student sees you give up on them, ultimately they will give up too. It was mentioned above that one factor that can cause this disorder to develop is an over-aggressive or disrespectful teacher. Children tend to become more aggressive when their teacher becomes aggressive towards them. For example, in the Youtube video we watched in the course, the teacher became aggressive and argumentative towa...

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...es is creating misunderstanding in many people about what they can expect when they meet a student that has these disorders. Instead of treating the children like they are another normal child, they try to avoid them and getting them upset in fear that the student will lash out and do drastic actions.
Emotional behavioral disorders are very unsearched and misinformed for many people. This is an important disability that needs to be acknowledged more because it is affecting so many children. The perception of the disorder needs to be changed, especially in media because so many people are influenced by it. Until the disorder is researched and understood better, children will continue to fall through the cracks being mis- and undiagnosed. This will not only hurt them throughout their life but it will prevent the children from gaining the best education they can gain.

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