Teaching and Learning through Reflection Essay

Teaching and Learning through Reflection Essay

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Teaching and Learning through Reflection
We are who we are as individuals because of what has been experienced and learned from our pasts. It is due to these significant experiences and learned lessons that assist in shaping our characters, develops our resolve, and leads towards successful futures if we execute what we have learned in functional application. This action inevitably leads towards one’s personal growth and development. Reflecting upon the writers own life, there are clearly a significant amount of experiences that have shaped both his character and philosophy towards education specifically within the practice of pedagogy and holistic learning of which consists of comprehension and functional application.
Within this assignment its focused objective is to reflect upon this writer’s own awareness of his pedagogical and learning practices, utilizing for comparison, two particular instances of which he served as both student an instructor sharing the reflective experiences of both.
The Students Experience
There is a particular experience of which although has been experienced in the past remains captured within the recesses of the mind of this writer and has placed a lasting imprint of which has affected his philosophical approach to education. While and middle school student the writer’s first grade teacher, while providing a student/instructor review, gave the writer what he believes to be the most destructive statement to deposit within the life of any student stating that he would never be college material. This type of statement communicated from an educator towards a student is cancerous towards a student’s future educational endeavors.
The effects on self and a skewed perception of education due to the stude...

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