Essay on The Teacher Uses Of Scaffold Instruction

Essay on The Teacher Uses Of Scaffold Instruction

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While interviewing a 2nd grade teacher at ps.142 in Vygotsky context, it was learned that the teacher tries different methods with her students in order to assist in developmental level and abilities of her students. From the interview it was mentioned to me that the 2nd grade teacher always tries to tap into her student’s prior knowledge. She told me the way this is done in her class is by asking her students to share their experiences to the topic. Another method that she uses with her students is that she tries not to always use textbooks her with students. She mentioned that students at this particular age range should learn with pictures, charts, or anything that does not have them directly reading from a book. She mentioned that children learn in different ways and this is a good example to help with children learning.
The strategies the teacher uses to scaffold instruction is that she breaks up her class in to small groups so that they can do partner work and learn from one another. She said that group work is effective because the students take away from one another and she ...

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